How would you like to immerse yourself for a whole day and replenish, renew and remember what really matters to you in a circle of supportive women?


Over the years I’ve discovered and come to rely on the power of unplugging – even for short periods of time – from my day-to-day commitments and concerns. When I take time with another or a group of women with that common intention I always come away feeling renewed and revived. Like a sun dried plant that’s received a replenishing rain – I come away resilient and more alive. I can then meet what’s before me with fresh reserves.


I wanted to share that opportunity with other women so I created Sanctuary Day. A day long retreat where you can join other women, set your burdens down and reconnect to the you whose gotten lost in the errands, commitments, care giving and to do lists.


If you are…..


♥ Exhausted from all of the work or “fun” of your Summertime
♥ Ready to unplug from it all
♥ Need some time and space to rest and be still

Come join us for a day of Sanctuary!


Friday July 24th from 9:30am-4:00pm
at the Sacred Sisterhood Sanctuary 213 Roseneath Rd. STE 205


You can expect a small circle of women; to be still, listen deeply and rest; to move and relax into your body; to connect with the earth; to access your creativity; and to have space to share.


You’re sure to come away:


♥ Feeling renewed, relaxed and recharged
♥ More centered in yourself
♥ Feeling lighter and having more clarity
♥ Feeling more full and abundant


Claim your space and join the circle today!


What we create when we come together is magical and mystical and transports me.


If you’re unable to join us make a commitment to claim some time and space for yourself with a friend and support each other in slowing down and unplugging.


Carve out some time to move into unstructured time. Support your mind by moving out of left brain details and doing into right brain being. You can support your body through stretching, moving, massaging your hands or feet with lotion, or breathing consciously. Support your emotions by checking in and sharing what’s present in your heart.  Support your Spirit through meditation, quiet contemplation, listening to sacred music or poetry. Support your creativity by writing, painting, collaging with the emphasis on the process – not the end product. Let yourself get lost in the process.


It needn’t be a whole day – even after a few hours you will feel a difference. I guarantee if you give yourself that nourishing supportive space with a friend you will come away feeling renewed, lighter, and more peaceful, abundant and clear.


So claim some time for you my dear. You‘re worth putting at the top of the priority list!


With great love,



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