Welcome Wise One.

You’re a visionary, way shower, gamechanger …

You’re here to birth new possibilities.

You’ve found a better way and you’re called to share it.

But sometimes on our way to changing the world we get stuck.

There’s nothing more painful than feeling immobilized or unable to get traction on our soul’s mission – whether we’re plagued by self doubt, confusion, self sabotage or fear of fully being seen. 

I work with women who are here to change the world, whether it’s your personal corner or a full on global movement. 

I’m here to support women like you in cultivating: 

~the internal safety and self trust to go ALL IN on your BIG vision. 

~The clarity to take inspired, aligned action. 

~The resiliency and adaptability to weather any storm and stay the course. 

~The spiritual grounding, backing and Resource you need to change the world.

The truth is to make your full impact you need unprecedented levels of inner and outer support and Resource.

When we get to the underlying roots rather than avoid or power over our stuck or vulnerable places we open to new dimensions of capacity and support within us. And we activate our most powerful medicine for those we serve. 

When we practice modern day mysticism we access an endless flow of the richest and most nourishing support available – the kind it takes to change the world.

You were born to prosper in ALL ways as you change the world.

It is your spiritual birthright and legacy.  

And none of us can access that state alone.

I provide 1:1 Mentorship, Immersion Sessions and Intuitive Consults as well as offer Sumptuous Living, a 6 Month Group Immersion in modern day mysticism.

I have over 25 years experience guiding women  – as a spiritual teacher, mentor and psychotherapist – home to their true Source of well being as well as transforming their lives, relationships and work in the world.

Contact me if you’d like to schedule a call to get acquainted and see how we might work together.

Contact Me 

Joni Advent Maher, MSW

Devotion is super food for your soul.

Join me in this FREE Virtual Series to RECEIVE your daily infusions of Devotion.


I am loving your offerings on devotion. This is just what I need.
~Erin Hawkins

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Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype with Joni

“Joni‘s attention and presence,  clarity and willingness to be real and her spiritual grounding gave me the support I needed to break through fear and begin the work of transforming my life.”  –Beth H.

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