Can you imagine…

Feeling relaxed and confident as you become more visible in the world?

Implicitly trusting in your self?

Accessing the powerful resources within and around you to create your vision?

Standing in your innate value in all ways?


As a Wise Woman you know having the right support can make all the difference in getting to where your heart and soul are calling you to be.

You know there are those passages in life that you can’t make completely on own.

You’re tired of waiting and holding yourself back.  

You’re ready to get on with it and step out but you’re not quite sure where to start or what to do with the fear that has chased you back into hiding before. 

I’d be honored to support you with all that.


A little about me…

I’ve never had patience for convention or dogma … I’ve spent my life in a quest to know, live and love deeply.

Always and forever I dive in and then learn to swim.

I’m a passionate student of life with an endless desire to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Not necessarily the scientific version but the deeper dimensions of ourselves and life.

I’m most at home in those inner planes and unseen realms hidden in plain sight.

I’ve mined treasures from an early life of complex trauma that kept me disempowered for a years.

My spiritual devotion and tenacious soul provided me a lifeline out.


After 50+ years of research…

I believe our lives are a journey back to our true selves – the Sacred expressing and exploring itself through our lives. And the battles we do as women with perfectionism, proving, and judging ourselves are all sicknesses of the soul that cut us off from remembering our true nature.

I believe the mundane and messy of our lives is the portal to our majesty. And it’s ultimately what life is all about.

I believe addressing the stuck and painful places in relationships, finances, work, health and self- expression are all portals back to the freedom that comes with finding your true nature.

I believe we as women often have a habit of disowning our power and not recognizing the place of leadership we already hold in our life and relationships.

I believe the journey back to our inspired feminine leadership begins with remembering your sacred nature. No further need to (im)prove yourself. Really.

You are so much more than enough.

You are and ever will be evolving in the full radiance of your wisdom, power and beauty.

And yet, you can still cross the threshold that takes you beyond insecurity, self -doubt, limits and lack. 

I know because I’ve done it. 

I spent a lifetime questioning, doubting and holding myself back despite a consistent presence of a wise, loving leader within me. Once I crossed over the threshold I reached a place of deep love and trust in myself. I possessed a clear and consistent recognition of my gifts and the profound freedom to express myself, share my gifts and co-create with life.

The truth is I was cut off from my most potent resources and didn’t realize it.

I know intimately the pain of hiding who you really are, recognizing you have wisdom and a contribution to make and still holding yourself back.

If you’re ready to come home to the truth of who you are, what you know and what you’re here to do I would be honored to support.

I’m for you if….

  • You’re done hiding, staying silent and waiting to live your heart and soul’s desires.
  • You want someone to compassionately hold the space as you get clear and hold you accountable to follow through on what you discover.
  • You want someone to champion your vision and also tell you the truth.
  • You want someone to powerfully reflect your gifts and light as well as illuminate your blind spots.
  • You want someone to hold the faith when you forget and help you access your true source of power.


Aside from having walked through this fire myself I bring…

Over 20 years of transformational experience as a psychotherapist; spiritual guide and teacher; circle, group and workshop leader.

A synthesis of 30+ years of study and practice in an array of modalities which address mind, body, emotions, spirit, shadow and soul.

An extraordinary ability to illuminate the hidden dimension at the heart of any issue.

My rock solid faith in you and the cosmic matrix of Grace holding you.

If you’ve gotten this far you’ve got wisdom to share – and a mark to make in the world.  Whether it’s simple or grand. Local or global. Or within the confines of your own life or family. Honor that. Please. It’s vitally important for the world but more importantly for you.  It’s the path to your greatest joy.

There is nothing more worthy of your time.

I’d love to hear what wisdom is ready to express through you.


Contact Me HERE.


TRUST Your Sacred Feminine Flow Podcast

It is Joni’s authentic spirit; honesty, and enthusiasm that has compelled me to join her groups time after time. Working with Joni has inspired me to achieve higher goals, because she encouraged me to reach out past my boundaries. She has the keen ability to connect with her students and the intuition for knowing what each individual needs to enrich their life.

H. Ashton

Joni is a trusted advisor and a highly skilled coach.  She has tremendous insight into what is at the heart of the matter which has helped me identify and clear obstacles I created in my life. Joni has been invaluable in my success personally and professionally by helping me be more self-aware and at pivotal times in my journey over the years. Joni’s own journey of constant learning and evolving both personally and professionally has also been a wonderful asset.

Virginia P.

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