Dear Sister,


I have a special invitation for you and a story to share.


I was hiding under the covers last night as my soul sister and I had a heart to heart over the phone.  I had spent the afternoon stepping OUT, claiming my power and becoming more visible.  The vulnerability that followed drove me to the bed. Thankfully I had the wisdom to reach out.


As my soul sister and I talked she bathed me with love, support and affirmation. It was just what I needed for my body to relax and release the fear.


More than ever we as women are stepping out to use our voice, claim our wisdom and power – to SHINE.  But as we stop hiding and step OUT we invariably encounter places of vulnerability and fear. Given our age-old legacy of having been silenced, suppressed and sacrificed this is not surprising. 


And yet the world needs our voices, our leadership and our light more than ever.  It is our modern day privilege and calling to break this legacy, transmute the fear and step OUT to SHINE.  To honor those who came before us and clear the way for those to come.


That truth was the foundation of my heart to heart last night as I took refuge under the covers. As soul sisters do, mine offered me some beautiful wisdom that I couldn’t wait to share with you.  


She described how she had spent a lifetime overriding her fear and vulnerability to perform, achieve and claim a place of power in the world.  But now she is practicing a more Feminine approach to empowerment by honoring her vulnerable and sensitive self. The one who often needs patience and support to step out boldly and reveal her Radiance. She highlighted the importance of supporting my sensitive and vulnerable self who needed time to adjust to taking a big, public step OUT.


Her story reminded me of the many gifts that come from a Feminine approach to empowerment and courageously stepping out to SHINE.  When we release the cultural habit of pressure, adrenaline and self-criticism to “man up”, step out and prove our worth then we’re able to tune in to honor our innate rhythm and organic evolution of power.


As we honor our vulnerability and have patience with our occasional need to withdraw we steadily integrate and heal those parts that we’ve kept hidden or cut off. We become whole and have access to the rich depth of Being where our true power lies.


As you embrace and get support for the frightened, tender places you dissolve frozen fear in the body and emotions that have been holding you back. You naturally inhabit your sense of worth and value.


You don’t have to be bulletproof to be worthy, powerful or SHINE. 


Here are my top 5 Feminine ways to tend your vulnerability as you step OUT to SHINE:

  1. Get kind, loving support for yourself. This is no place for “boot-strappers”.

  2. Breathe deeply, feel your feet on the ground and keep moving forward even if it’s at a snail’s pace.

  3. Give yourself permission to pause and come back to yourself. If you lose yourself in fear you cannot legitimately integrate you power.

  4. Give yourself permission to fall apart. Schedule a melt down before, after (or even in the midst of) a big bold step OUT to claim your power.

  5. Celebrate your incremental victories all along the way!


There are many ways you might be stepping OUT to claim your voice and your power – to SHINE. Perhaps you’re taking a stand publically, or stating your needs, desires or opinions. Maybe you’re running your own business or coming out with your passion and purpose. Either way, meeting your tender places of vulnerability always pays off.


It creates a resilient power like a tall oak tree that can withstand the elements and still flourish. 


So whether your knees knock as you take one baby step at a time or you step OUT boldly without fear only to have it overtake you after the fact remember you are doing it!  Tend your vulnerability but also recognize you are joining countless other women breaking the legacy to embodying your Power and Radiance. And as you do all who came before and all that will come after are cheering you on.

Coming up…


Sanctuary Day

Friday May 6th join me and the fabulous Waller Thompson for a women’s day of retreat in Midlothian VA

She is a master teacher of Embodied Awareness and has personally helped me relax in ways I never knew I could.

I know we will drop to some deep and restorative places as a group. We’re also including an inquiry through art that will be quite powerful.

You’re sure to come away relaxed, nourished and restored.

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Unleash Your Joy 

Beginning May 9th join inspiring women and men discussing how to Unleash Your Joy Now. I’m thrilled to be among them. You definitely do not want to miss this one!

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I’d love to have you join me as we relax, restore and unleash our joy.

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