Hello Love,

I have a story for you.


Just imagine you’re on a journey through the woods. While there are many paths, you choose a well-worn one that leads to a clearing and then abruptly stops. You stand staring at a wall with a bolted gate.


The sign on the gate reads, I’m not Enough” and it stops you in your tracks.


You can see there’s a whole other world beyond the gate but you’re not sure how to get there. You backtrack into the woods and try another path but you discover it feeds into the same well-worn path that ends at the gate. You try again and again with the same result. Until it seems you’re stuck and you make yourself comfortable – or at least a little numb – and start to forget there’s anything beyond the gate of “I’m not Enough”.


Until one day the light breaks from beyond the gate and you feel a stirring of curiosity as you remember there’s a whole other world over there.


You start to dream what it could be like to dwell in that world, the one beyond, “I’m not Enough”. 

You begin to:

To recognize you were created to thrive. 

To move with absolute confidence and freedom. 

To feel loved, valued and appreciated exactly as you are.

To express yourself fully and without the slightest reservation.


In your reverie you find a celebration on your behalf. Those gathered have waited a long time for your arrival and are delighted to tend to your every need. They see your unique essence and welcome your full expression. As you revel in their warm welcome you remember you’re in a dream. You feel a hand on your shoulder. You turn to meet a warm gaze and loving smile. At that you press your hand to your heart space and you feel the small, metal key hanging from the thin gold chain.


It all comes together at once as you awaken from the dream still resting at the gate. Instinctively, you reach for your neck. It’s still there – still hanging from the thin gold chain. You’ve had it for as long as you remember but never knew what it was for.


You slip it off the thin gold chain, place it in the lock and turn the key. The gate swings open. With a catch in your breath you push past the gate and beyond “I’m not Enough”.


What will you discover there?


Tomorrow I begin a four-week online journey called No Apology Necessary! You are Enough! for women who are ready to go beyond the gate of “I’m not Enough” and start living out loud and without apology.


So if you’re ready to STOP…

  • Pushing yourself to prove your worth

  • Over giving and compromising your needs

  • Hiding who you really are

  • Living someone else’s script for you

Then give yourself the gift of this one-month immersion in a loving, lighthearted and affirming container where you will be guided and supported in uncovering and releasing your old beliefs and stories of “not good enough”.


And the resources, support and encouragement to practice living the truth that you are so much more than enough.


Remember Love, You hold the Key!


It would be my honor and delight to support you in using the key of your inner wisdom and truth to move beyond the gate of “I’m not Enough”.


Yes! I’m in.


With Big Love,


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