“I know I can let go of past hurts. I know I can ride the wave of my emotions to a place called home – where my Truth is embraced and cherished – where my shadow is given a place at the table – where all of my parts and pieces may come together, integrate and be whole.” 

Wendy Morgan

We access profound wisdom and limitless power when we as women pause and remember what we know. We touch the great mystery that’s expressing through our bodies, hearts and lives.

A circle of sisters gathered at our Sanctuary Day on Friday to remember what we know.

Here are some excerpts of what we discovered. I invite you to receive them like a sacrament from the Sacred Feminine. Notice what they stir, resonate and awaken within you.


I know I have to let go of what I think I know. I know I need to take my power back yet also be kinder with myself and figure out how to ask for guidance.

I know I have to find more outlets for my grief and not dwell on it for we are born dying. This is not easy since I’ve had no physical outlet. I know I can’t do it all today. I know I have to makes some choices – which are not easy – yet I have some tools.

I know I need to speak my truth and not let others sway or blame me. I know I need to do this soon. 

Patti Garvey



I know Wholeness. I know Health. I know how to Give. I know how to Receive. I know the deliciousness of the dance between Being Seen and Seeing.

I know New Moon, mysterious Heavenly Sister, waits in the shadows to emerge inch by inch revealing her ripe belly of Light. I know she trusts the cycles of Expansion and Contraction, of stepping out and retreating, never hurrying forth or holding back. Never worrying, “What next? Am I enough?”

Waller Thompson



I know …

Life is complicated. This world I want to control will not be controlled. Even within me, there is no control to be had.  I can’t control them.  They can’t control me – not all the time.  There is only one option and that is to be. I want to know more. I want to know how it ends. Heck, I want to know how tomorrow ends. Will the bills get paid? Will the kids grow up okay? Will I figure out my offerings to the world?  Will there come a time when my inner chatter is somewhat cohesive? Will I go where I am supposed to go or will I miss the queue? Is there even a queue? Is it even miss-able? Who knows? I don’t.

Elisabeth Corey, BeatingTrauma.com



I know I’m supposed to have my act together all neatly tied in a bow. But I don’t. I know I’m supposed to care about looking put together. But I don’t.

I know you’d like to keep me hidden and under wraps because I offend your proper sensibilities. But I don’t care.

I am free to rant and run and turn over your proper, well – set table.  I’m here to help you remember your feral nature – the young unfettered one who doesn’t give a rat’s ass what’s proper or popular.

I know you need me.

I know you can feel me bubbling up inside and it scares you.

You don’t have to control me.

I’m willing to teach and guide you.

I am your deepest wisdom in disguise.

Don’t run from me.

Don’t apologize for me.

You need me.

And I’m being patient with you.

Joni Advent Maher


I invite you to remember what you know. 
Here are the steps we used:

  1. Claim some quiet, undisturbed space for yourself.
  2. Grab your journal, pen and timer.
  3. Take a few minutes to relax and settle into yourself with deep breathing and gentle movement. (It helps to get into your body because that’s where the real wisdom lives)
  4. Set your timer for 7-10 minutes and write I know… at the top of your page and begin to write without pausing until the timer rings. If you get stuck begin again with “I know”.
  5. When you’re finished read aloud what you’ve written.

A regular practice of remembering what you know can guide you in creating a life that reflects who you are and what you value. It can support you in course correcting those areas where you’ve become lost or given your power away. It can be an act of self-love that affirms your wisdom, power and value. I encourage you to give it a try and let me know in the comments below what you discovered.


Wendy, Patti, Waller, Elisabeth and I are all members of the Sacred Feminine Sisterhood Facebook group.
You can join us HERE.


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