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Each month on the podcast, I share my emerging wisdom about embodying our sovereignty, changing our world, and becoming the women we were born to be. 

This episode is an invitation to expand your capacity to Trust. And to examine the value and importance of trusting in what your heart knows and sacred feminine flow. Amplifying these capacities within ourselves will provide us with a strong foundation for creating our lives anew now and in the future.

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Hello and welcome Beloved. It is my honor and joy to be with you today. Do you love the new music? Isn’t it exciting and passionate? I just love the feel of that new music and it feels like the new era of what the show is heading into as this being my anniversary month, it’s four years this month since the podcast got started and it’s my hundredth episode, which feels like a huge milestone for me. And I’m so delighted to have you here to celebrate with me. 

So what I want to talk with you about today is an element of both the podcast and my individual work that has just come to the forefront. I was inspired partly by the times that we’re living in, and being in greater reflection in my own personal life. I’ve been called to this topic of trust and I want to talk to you about trust today. And then I want to offer an invitation because in honor of my 100th episode anniversary, I have decided to do a deep dive immersion – conversations with past guests and some of my guests that are coming up into this topic of Trust

Because I talk about trust your sacred feminine flow. And at the end of each show I encourage you to trust what your heart knows. So it’s, it’s a little bit been back in the background, but what does that really mean and what does trust have to offer us? And I’ll add that once I made the intention to do the series and to do this deep dive, it feels like every single issue I have with trust has been coming up and is in my face. So fascinating. And so much healing has come out of this. So let’s talk about trust today.

And I think about trust, the verb as in actively putting your trust into, whether it’s a person yourself, something larger than us, and how do we do that? And what are the pitfalls and the challenges we face. So if even right now in this moment, as you hear the word trust, or even if I were to say the words “you can trust me”, how does that impact you? What does that ping inside of you?

You can trust me. You can trust me. So who or what is already saying that to you in your own life and who or what does it feel like? 

Or who or what does it feel like there is a block too? I see my, my arms are kind of coming up to form a cross in front of my heart. Like no, no, that’s not true. So trust can conjure anything from one end of the continuum to the other. And there are certainly issues such as blind trust, which is not what I’m talking about here. I’m not talking about blindly trusting someone or something. There is something about living into both discernment and, you can’t see me gesturing, but I’m almost like touching with my hands out in front of me. Imagining like a trust walk where you’re blindfolded and you’re, you’re kind of gingerly taking each next step to see where can I trust, what can I trust? What can I lean into? So at a time in life, when many things are falling away in our personal lives and our collective lives, I believe we are being offered an opportunity to evaluate what is trustworthy, what can I put my faith in my stock in?


What can I rest into or lean into? And the thing that I love about this series I’ve created because I’m almost through all the interviews, is that there are so many unique facets coupled with real life experiences and stories, whether it’s about relationship or it’s about things like prosperity or abundance or about what to do with my life next or what’s coming next or betrayal that there are so many facets and nuances. So I really, I want to encourage you if trust is something your chewing on or you can see the value of exploring that you check out the series because the, the wisdom that comes through is so powerful and I know it will transmit and transfer healing just by virtue of listening to these episodes and they’re short, mini episodes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes on average. And for today in this moment, I do want to go back to the Hafiz quote that we say at the end to trust what your heart knows.

And I want to say to you, the reason I say that every time is that I have full faith in your heart and the wisdom of your heart. And I’m not talking about the surface level emotions that may come up for you or the do come up for you in the course of your life, but the deeper roots, like what is underlying that? I have faith and trust in your heart’s ability to guide you, to guide you to what you most need next in your life, to guide you in who is trustworthy and who is not. Because discernment is key, as I said, and to guide you in growing in those ways that you need to grow so you can become more trustworthy for yourself so you can become a trustworthy advocate for yourself so you can have your own back so you can speak up when you need to speak up.

Your heart’s wisdom holds the key to all of that. And that is why I am regularly encouraging you to trust what your heart knows. Secondly, I do want to go back to the title of this show, Trust your Sacred Feminine Flow. Similarly, you have an instinctual innate essence. You have both the flow of your being, the flow of your intuition, the flow of your body and all of its systems. And this too is something that I am holding the faith and the trust on your behalf. I have faith in your sacred feminine flow. Just as I have faith in my own, I have faith and trust in the larger flow of the feminine that is being expressed through each of us that is downloading through each of us that is blessing each of us and in my experience that is trustworthy. And of course it is a step by step incremental walk for each of us.

And so through the creation, this podcast, I offer you my trust. I am reaching out my hands and it’s as if to say, take my hands, walk with me over this ground that I know is trustworthy. I know where the pitfalls are. I know where the challenges are, but you can risk taking my hand in the regard of listening to the show and the offerings of wisdom that I share with you and bring forth. And that enables you to more fully and more fully and more fully trust your own sacred feminine flow and the wisdom of your heart. So this is where I see us headed in the next incarnation of the show that’s coming up and we’re kicking it off. My next episode will be an interview with Shann. My podcast producer is interviewing me for my hundredth episode. And then the day after we go into a series of episodes on trust, which I called the Trust Talk Sessions.

And in addition to that, we will have a Facebook group dedicated for that series. The Trust Talk Sessions, Facebook group. And my gifts. No, not my gifts. My guests have been so generous in joining me in this celebration that they wanted to offer free gifts for you, my listeners. So each day with each episode there will be a giveaway and there will be a special prize that you have the capacity to win. If you come to the Facebook group, you can get all the details about the ways that you can enter to win amazing prizes such as books like Burning Woman, by Lucy H. Pearce, The Mistress of Longing, by Wendy Havlir Cherry. Psychic Readings and Energy Sessions with talented healers and psychics such as Rachelle Burnett and Jessica Racchetti, as well as delectable gifts, Fine Egyptian annointing oils. So I hope you will join the celebration and participate and spread the word to your soul sisters, to your friends, to anyone that you know could benefit from a deep dive into trust these days. So I think we’ll close there, Beloved. It’s such a joy to be with you. I’m sending you a virtual hug, and as always, the reminder to trust what your heart knows.

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