Welcome to the Trust Talk Sessions. Join a collective of former guests and I for a 19 day dive into Trust to celebrate 100 episodes of Trust your Sacred Feminine Flow. Each conversation offers an intimate glimpse into the challenges and extraordinary moments experienced in our journey to trust.

Mona Rose is a speaker and co-creator of the Navigating Truth podcast who has broken familial and religious belief systems on her personal journey to seeking truth. She is a stand for others navigating the complex journey back to their spiritual truth.

Mona’s journey began back in Singapore where she was a renowned teacher of Islam. Her decision to leave her religion and the comfort of her position to follow the truth of her heart stirred controversy, prompted threats but ultimately brought her home to the Sacred within her.


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Welcome to the Trust Talk Sessions. I’m your host, Joni Advent Maher, and it is my deep pleasure to welcome my soul sister and friend and wise woman Mona Rose. So let me share with our listeners a little bit about the wonders of Mona. 

So Mona and her colleague Keira Poulsen are the co-creators of the Navigating Truth podcast. And they joined me not very long ago on episode 093, which I think was just a few months ago. I just want to share briefly about the podcast because it’s worth checking out. It’s worth paying attention to as well as of course our episode Navigating Truth number 093. Both Mona Rose and Keira are seekers of light and truth and they have walked the path, each of them breaking familial and religious belief systems on their journey to seeking truth.

Mona’s journey began back in Singapore where she was a teacher of Islam and has her journey, has brought her through many, many doorways, initiations, trials, tribulations, and I think probably beautiful gifts as well. So I want to welcome you Mona for being here with us today.


It’s a deep joy to be with you here again, Joni. Thank you so much for creating this space.


Yes, it is my honor and my pleasure and I would love to hear, when you bring trust into your heart, I just have this sense of you and your heart space. Whether it’s trust in your heart or when you bring trust into your heart. What, what comes up for you? What’s present for you?


Mmm, I love the word trust. It sounds so good to my system. For me, it feels like a sense of surrendering, like a divine surrender. It feels like a letting go. And there’s a difference, right? Between surrendering and giving up. 

Joni: Mm hmm

Mona: Divine surrender to me feels grounded. Letting go to me feels free. 

Joni: Hmm. 

Mona: So trust for me is, yeah, is divine surrender and letting go. 

Joni: And can you say what you’re letting go in those moments when you trust? 


Yeah. Yeah. The image that I have in mind is the example that I have in mind is usually when it comes to me and my financial situation. For example, when I panic about, “Oh no, where is my next client going to come from? Oh no, how do I find my next client?” What works for me every single time without fail is when I remember the word trust. I could literally hear in my mind the question, do you trust? Hmm? Do you have trust in the Divine? And the immediate answer would be yes, I trust and I let go. So what I am letting go of is the struggle, the constant force to, to, to force my mind to come up with a solution. That’s exhausting for me personally.

Joni: I don’t think you’re alone in that. Yes, don’t we all have that? Yes. 


Yeah, It’s a constant, like the panic first and then the struggle of what do I need to do or do I need to do, what do I need to do? Who do I need to reach out to? And then it comes from a place of panic instead of a surrender and trust. So what I am letting go off is the struggle in my mind, the forcing of things, cause to me it just leads to even more forcing of things.


Yes, yes, yes You’re absolutely right. It does. And it seems to me that we are most, constricted or, or to say it another way, our least receptive to anything good coming up when we’re in that panic and pushing from that place of stress or anxiety.


Exactly. And, and what’s beautiful is that when I forget cause I’m a human being, when I forget to trust, to surrender it would be a constant forcing of things, constant panicking, constant anxiety. 

But when I do trust and when I do surrender, when I feel that that sense in my body that I am letting go of this struggle that I’m surrendering to the divine what always happens without fail. And I’m not making this up. What always happens without fail is in the next few days, within that week after I really surrender to the Divine and let go, something happens, a new client pops up, there’s a new form submission for a discovery call without fail. 

And still sometimes I forget. Still sometimes I forget that you’re taking care of when you surrender and when you trust. It does require a lot of trusting. It does require the knowing, the deep conviction that when you trust you’ll be taken care of. 

Joni: And have you always known that or have, did you learn that? 


I love this question because as I was saying that this verse from the Quran came up in my mind. It sounds like this…

I, since I was a child, I’ve been taught to repeat that verse and memorize that verse every single day basically, Because we’ve repeated that as our, you know how when you use a rosary and you recite. So we do that. And we would be reciting that. I don’t know how many times. A lot of times I was taught at that time that whenever you feel stuck, whenever you feel that your sustenance is running out that’s the verse to read and repeat. And as I grew up, when I was a child, it was an act of ritual. But as I grew older and began understanding the meaning of what it is, it’s like I’m just translating this in a very loose manner.” Whoever has faith in Allah, he will provide sustenance in a way that you can’t even count. So that has always been something that I believe in and I think it plays a very strong role in how I am now today. Viewing trust in the Divine. 


Hmm. Yeah. So it sounds to me like that was woven into the fabric of your being in part from your spiritual lineage, your religious lineage as well as just the practice of doing that again and again and again.


Yes. Yes. Even though, like these days, I don’t actually sit and recite that multiple times on the rosary. It’s embedded in my system. It’s like I don’t, I didn’t even, you know, I mean it’s, it’s a, it’s a, how do I describe this? It’s in, I don’t want to say instant, but it’s a connection that’s there when it’s switched on and I consciously switch it on.


Yes. And even though you have evolved in terms of your spiritual path, your spiritual growth, that is an essence of your lineage, that still sounds like is serving you or supporting you.

Mona: Yes. Yes. Absolutely.


Wonderful, wonderful. So can you tell listeners how they can tune in into the Navigating Truth podcast or how they can connect with you?


Yes, they can find the Navigating Truth podcast. We are on Instagram too at Navigating Truth podcast. And then we are also on Libsyn, Apple, wherever you access podcasts, we’ll be there. 


Wonderful. Yes. Yeah. So if I know the, the mission and the intention of the podcast is really to support those women who are leaving the structure or confines of whether it’s a faith system or family system that’s been restrictive. Is that correct?


That is accurate. Yes, we do. That’s the intention of the podcast.


Well, wonderful. So I know our listeners, we’ll get the opportunity to connect with you in the Facebook group as well, which is the Trust Talk Sessions, Facebook group, and is there, is there anything else before we finish that feels important to name or to say on this topic of trust?


Oh wow. Okay. I’ll say this, trusting how trust comes up for you. 

Joni: Mmm, so that it doesn’t need to look like anybody else’s version of trust? 

Mona: Correct.

Yes. Trusting how trust comes up for you. 


Yes, I love that. all right. Well, I am bowing to you. I’m honoring you. I’m doing the Namaste’ bow and I’m saying, I’m so grateful you were here with me. 

Mona: Thank you, Joni and bowing back. And it’s been a joy being here with you. 


Absolutely. And I want to honor you. We’re both bowing to you now with dear listener. 

Thank you. 

Mona Yes. Yes, yes. Thank you for listening. 


Yes, thank you for listening and for being here. And I want to invite you as always, to trust what your heart knows.

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