Hello Love,


Do you ever have those moments when you don’t feel quite put together or that you’ll ever reach your dream only to look over to see a sister soaring with success? It can be hard to appreciate the butterfly when you feel like you’re still crawling on the ground.


I was having one of those mornings today where I was admiring fabulous accomplishments of some of my visionary sisters and feeling like I didn’t quite measure up. Then I remembered this wisdom I received a while ago. It was just what I needed to gain some perspective and peace of mind.


While I hope you’re on top of the world today I’m sending you this for those times when you need a reminder you’re exactly who and where you need to be.


With deep love,



No Comparison


She’s so beautiful

I feel so fat

Oh, look

She’s sooo good

I wish I could do that


She’s got such talent

She creates with such ease


When I try

It’s like wrestling a pig into a bathing suit

Another epic fail


I really think she must be perfect

Not a hair out of place

She’s always dressed just right

Knows just what to say


I can barely take myself out in public

Wrong clothes, wrong hair

I never got the memo


I fear I’ll never measure up

Always be less than

How can I not be

Surrounded by such beauty, accomplishment, brilliance, wit, savvy and skill


But my dear

I think you have forgotten

Even as you are surrounded by beauty and grace and amazing skills

You carry your own


When you are the seedling

Or the sprout

When you are shedding your leaves for compost

It does no good to look upon

Your sister

Blossoming at full peak and compare


It will fill your heart with envy


And you’ll never measure up


Or gaze upon her blossom

And judge it more valuable than your own


As if a rose could be more valuable than a peony



Or cornflower in the field


She doesn’t deserve more sunshine, or nourishing rain


She may have come to seed in richer soil

Had better care

Or better conditions to thrive


She is just another beauty in the grand garden of creation


No finer or better than you


Her time to bloom may be your time to lie fallow


Her blossom may be a big bold flourish

And yours a delicate subtle expression


But there is no comparison


One may be better suited for a specific need or arrangement


But not better than


So when the envy washes over you

Recognize you have forgotten

Again, as we do

Then remember

You too

Have a prized place in the garden

You too

Can blossom and flourish


If necessary change your conditions

Seek better nourishment

More tending

And Support


Listen to the yearnings of your Wise Heart

Follow Her inspiration

Step by step


Before long your season will come

You will feel the vitality of Life

Coursing through you

As you blossom and unfurl.


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