Beneath all shrouds of diminishment exists a Holy Light.

There is a glorious light that radiates from your deepest self and dwells in your every cell.   

We can each express that radiant light in our lives when we remove our shrouds of diminishment and remember our true Sacred nature. I first noticed this capacity in wise ones I admired who would transmit clear, potent Essential Wisdom, Love or Power. I‘ve also seen a version of it in nature.  And lastly I’ve begun to recognize it in myself.

It’s a quality of Being I call Radiant Presence.

Think religious icons with that golden halo effect. But it’s not just for saints.

It’s a state of Being we all have the capacity to reach. And at some point in our soul’s journey we all will.

I’ve been on fire with this idea of Radiant Presence lately because I know in my bones it holds an important key for our Feminine Sovereignty. 

Remembering and embodying your Sacred nature brings a great freedom and power.  You gain a deep trust in yourself and the whole of life. You are in the world but as Christ said not of the world. You have consistent access to inner wisdom to guide your life. You inherently know and can stand in your value and authority in your life.

Embodying Radiant Presence with any consistency requires shedding the many shrouds we each wear. 

Its a spiral journey that begins with first getting comfortable in your own skin. Depending on your history that can be quite a journey in itself. It always requires releasing yourself from the dictates and stories of your past as well as cultivating self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-love.

As you begin to get comfortable in your own skin the desires to express yourself, make contact and be seen all emerge.  These require opening your heart to others and the world around you – to join the call and response with life.

Along the way we inevitably experience the vulnerability of our Essence becoming more visible and accessible to others. However, as you risk you begin to increasingly recognize your own value. You see and feel the gift of who you are and what you have to offer. Others respond both receiving and reflecting back your inherent beauty. You self assurance grows, which frees you to more fully express yourself and deepen your connection with those around you.

The journey culminates in a beautiful generosity of spirit – joyfully living your life as a gift for all beings. You begin to fully embodying and expressing your unique radiant expression of the Great Mystery. And the result is your Radiant Presence – luminous, and wholly alive. 

While getting there is not a simple journey we are all headed there. That may seem unlikely when you look at the state of the world but that’s due to the fact we are each at various stages of our remembering. When we reach the point we can eyes wide open say yes to our journey it quickens and changes. We are not only uplifted, guided and held by life but also of service to the whole human family.

I am committed to supporting women like you in remembering your Sacred nature because it provides you a powerful resource to ease all of the steps along your journey. It heals shame, self-judgment and loathing. It prompts you to honor, love and care for yourself. It creates faith in yourself and resilience in the face of life’s inevitable heartbreaks. It increases inner contentment, joy and open hearted connection to life.  It provides a powerful and effective way to arrive at your Feminine Sovereignty. 

So the next time you gaze in the mirror remember you’re looking at One who deserves reverence. Look deep into your eyes and open yourself to see the Divine gazing back. 

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