Did you know that February is Self Love Month?


Such an audacious concept if you were raised to be self-less and put everyone else first.


Or were taught you were worth-less.  Not as deserving of love, kindness or respect because you’re the wrong gender, size, color or sexual orientation.  Or you’re too sensitive, emotional, intelligent or different.


How do you begin to touch self love if you’re carrying a trash bag full of lies and stories around with you? When you’ve taken so many missteps already?


If your journey started anywhere close to the self-loathing and recrimination mine did it’s tough to jump headlong into self-love.  You may have to start with “permission” to love yourself as well as preliminary groundwork like self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-discovery before you can get there.


Make no mistake this is a journey worth taking. Your self-love is a beautiful blessing – bringing more love and light to a trouble human family.


While this is a journey you can only take for yourself it is so much easier when you open to support and guidance along the way.  With a loving mentor or friend holding the space you can begin to gently explore beneath all of the inner shoulds, outer projections and family and cultural baggage you carry.

You then learn to distinguish you from the lies, masks and misconceptions you’ve come to believe are you.  You gradually learn to accept and care for yourself.

Eventually you come to recognize, appreciate and yes love the unique being that is you.


But to get there you have to consistently put yourself on the priority list – ideally the top. You have to claim time for you.  And you have to practice making loving and caring choices for yourself.


Doing that in the midst of family, job and life demands can be really challenging.


To offer you another source of support you for your journey to self-love I’m launching the Sacred Feminine Sisterhood Facebook group.


Join our circle of sisters from around the globe to practice a way of living that affirms your essential sacred nature, honors your rhythms, and listens to the wisdom of your body, heart and soul. The intention of the group is to provide inspiration, affirmation and support as we each practice discovering, loving and living the fullest version of our unique Self.

Click here to join


To celebrate the launch we have begun with 21 days of Sacred Feminine Sisterhood practices, prompts and wisdom. 

Join our circle of sisters and receive regular reminders:

  • You matter 
  • You have an ancient Feminine wisdom within to guide you
  • Your world is blessed because you’re a part of it.


Click here to join our Circle today!


I wrote this poem on my own journey to self-love. It feels vulnerable but I felt called to share it with you. 

With tender love,



For the Hidden One Inside


Today I wholeheartedly choose you.

I promise to love, honor and stand by you.

I promise to listen carefully to your needs and appreciate your gifts.

Please forgive me for all of the times I doubted and judged you.

For the times I betrayed

Or tried to “fix”

or sell you out

in the quest for another’s love or approval.

I was so wrong


And misguided.

I couldn’t see your beauty or hear your truth.

My heart was closed to your love.

It’s all so clear now.

I promise to spend my lifetime choosing you.

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