My Dear Sister,

I’m coming to you from the crucible of change. This last month has been a rigorous but exquisitely orchestrated journey through my mother’s final days, the celebration of her life and the new frontier of life with her absence.

More recently, it’s felt quite a bit like I’m tumbling through space without any moorings – unsure where I’ll land or who I’ll be when I get there.

There’s no doubt this new unfolding will ultimately flower and bear fruit but for now I’m keeping things very simple.

Impeccable self-care has been the order of the day. I listen closely to what my body, heart and Spirit need. Rest, healthy food, time outside and contact with friends are staples. I’ve cut out nonessentials and cut back on mindless time on social media.

Its clear I’m in the midst of a total reworking of my relationships, roles and karmic threads with both parents; assisting the healing of my mother’s ancestral line; and going through a complete and utter transformation of Self.

Having a regular practice of self care, reaching out for support and opening to the Sacred within and all around me has created a sense of ease and Grace through this very intense and sometimes challenging passage. It tenderized my heart and opened me to a larger stream of love.

My family and I have been loved and supported in gorgeous and amazing ways throughout this journey. I am deeply grateful for all we have received and my ability to let it in wholeheartedly.

I’ve been living what’s possible when we root deeply in our Sacred nature and humbly open to life’s full and unwavering support. Even as the layers have been stripped away I have felt lighter and more free.

My sister, I offer you a gentle reminder, you too can open to greater Grace, ease and love in your life with an ongoing commitment to your own Spiritual and self-care practices.

If you need a boost with that and you’re in the Richmond area come join us for our upcoming Sanctuary Day on Friday October 29th. I’ll be joined by the ebullient Wendy Morgan, RYT. Certified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher, Wendy will be guiding us in movement and the healing power of sound. It will undoubtedly be a spacious, healing and deeply restorative time.

If you’re ready to claim more personal support for yourself contact me for a one on one session. My individual work with clients has deepened in some beautiful ways as I moved through my own personal journey.

Finally, for ongoing inspiration give a listen to the Podcast here.

With deep love and care,


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