Hi Love,

So we’re one month into the New Year, what have you been pursuing in 2016?

I was lying on my dear friend’s massage table yesterday receiving the most exquisite facial. It was a gift to spend time with a soul sister and receive her caring, gentle touch. I felt so nurtured and it relaxed me from head to toe.  Not one shred of tension survived.


I was soft as jelly with a gurgling belly and all I could say was ahhhhh. It was so delicious.

Especially after arriving wrapped tight for my appointment with my shoulders up around my ears from a day of hurried “to do’s”.

That’s the power of sensual pleasure that comes when you slow down to the speed of digestion and respiration.


This year I am making a conscious choice to open to more pleasure. 


In fact, my friend and I talked about that while I lay on the table.

Early, in my spiritual path I recognized that each of the teachers I most admired all had meditation practices. With that recognition I began to practice meditation more consistently with very beneficial results.

These days the teachers I most want to emulate are all women who are committed to self love and opening to sensual pleasure in their lives. While they experience it through different means they all place pleasure at the top of their priority list. And it shows in their radiant, full and vital aliveness.

Even after a short while of making pleasure a priority I can feel the benefits it’s having in my body and my life. I feel more resilient and gracious and full.  I have more energy and capacity to give.

To support my opening to pleasure I’m having regular bodywork.

In a session just this morning, conscious and supportive touch from another loving and gifted soul sister gently shifted my nervous system from tense and heightened to relaxed and fluid. Lying on the table covered in warm blankets I felt a gentle purr of energy in my core. I thought to myself, everyone should feel this good.


So how about you? Would you like more sensual pleasure in your life? 


Perhaps open to more sensual pleasure for yourself.

Not enough money, not enough time. Is that what your thinking?

I hear you. I carried around the gift certificate for my facial for over 2 years. I just couldn’t “find the time” to do it.

Or perhaps you grew up like me believing that pleasure was indulgent and self centered and not nearly as important as getting things done.

If so you’ve probably been down the same path of good girl, self-sacrifice and burnout waiting patiently for it to be your turn. For someone to recognize how hard you’re working and finally give you your well deserved reward.


Hands Spa



But love, it doesn’t work that way.  

No one is handing out rewards or permission slips for us to pursue what feels good.

You have to choose it for yourself.  You get to choose it for yourself.

In fact, you can start today. No more deprivation required. 


You can begin with a list of sensual pleasures and add to it over time. Include sensual experiences that allow you to relax and feel good in your body. They don’t have to cost money or take a great deal of time.

The important thing is that you bring your present awareness into the physical experience.


Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  1. Savor a piece of dark chocolate or other delicious food
  2. Snuggle or share conscious, nurturing touch with a favorite being(s)
  3. Sleep until your body wakes up
  4. Dancing sensually
  5. Lovingly massage your body with coconut oil before a warm bath or shower
  6. Use essential oils or fragrant beeswax candles
  7. Move through your day to your own rhythm
  8. Receive massage or bodywork
  9. Gently hum as you lay in bed & feel the vibration throughout your body
  10. Float in a pool

So what do you say? Will you join me in opening to more sensual pleasure in 2016? Experiment with it for the next week and see how it creates more resilience, energy and lightness of being. 


What do you have to lose but tension, irritability and burn out?

Share in the comments below your favorite sensual pleasure.


If you’re feeling really stuck with getting started or reactive to the idea of opening to pleasure contact me for a complimentary 30 minute session.


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