Come my dear and lay your burdens down.

I’ve been to the Sanctuary

to the space beyond time

to breath in the silence.

Can you hear it calling you?

The place of quiet stillness

like the silhouette of the lone oak tree

against the vast winter sky.

Here you can rest

away from the rush and struggle.

Come find your place.

Take refuge from the worry, the fear, and the cruel voices inside.

Relinquish the driving force to do, to become

to achieve some dazzling state of perfection.

And too, the whispers, cries, and demands

of all

who beckon you

rely on you

and look to you for solace

Release it all.

Return to the speed of bone and blood.

Be nourished and restored.

Find your peace and your place.

Discover the cosmos that dwells deep within

Your own beautiful Heart.


–Joni Maher

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