Ocracoke Blessings

I’m so excited to share my Happy place with you! There is nowhere else on the Planet I feel more comfortable in my own skin and alive in my body. I don’t know if it’s the slower pace of the island, the wild, wide-open, natural beauty or structuring my days around the tides, wind direction, moon cycles or sunsets. But something about this place opens me up to a deep and essential part of my soul.


What a gift to be here.


Coming to Ocracoke each year for my birthday I consciously fill up for the coming year at the place the nourishes me best.


Ocracoke Blessings


Sooo important that we as women find the ways that feed our soul, awaken our Spirits, and enliven our body.





It’s important for our well-being as we give so much of ourselves. And if we really open to what we crave deep down inside it feels amazing!


I want that for you! You deserve it!


Ocracoke Blessings Video



Find a way to access, at least in small part, what your body, heart and soul are seeking today.



    ♥  Let yourself rest,

    ♥  Go on an adventure,

    ♥  Start that creative project,

    ♥  Take a walk under the stars

    ♥  Listen to all your oldies but goodies on your iPod.



I urge you to put yourself at the top of your priority list and carve out at least 10 minutes just for you today. I’m pulling for you.


With big love & Ocracoke blessings,



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