Mothering Mentor, Marion Rose, Ph.D. and I had a pragmatic conversation about motherhood and our true power as women. 

Marion has a Ph.D. on the mother-infant relationship from Cambridge University and has been learning about psycho-spiritual development for the past 30 years.

She is particularly passionate about the bigger picture of mothering and how it relates to colonization, cultural conditioning, and reconnecting with our true nature as loving and willing beings.

Together we explored how our collective cultural paradigm exacerbates powerlessness in our children, ourselves and our families. We looked at willingness and its connection to our true power. And our capacity to shift this and bring healing through claiming our true power and influence as mothers.

Marion provided wise and informative information for moms of any stage. Learn what your children’s willingness channel is. How to handle those moments of powerlessness which can show up with our children.(Like bedtime and car seats)  And How to shift beyond power over or powerlessness to a new paradigm of power – the Power With Approach.

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