Claudia Parada’s personal health crisis initiated a journey home to her cultural, ancestral and inner wisdom. We discussed her story, opening to our inner wisdom and the gifts of her Meso-American healing tradition and Latinx culture.

Claudia is a holistic life coach, energy worker and San Francisco Bay area native with a passion for working with people of color – supporting them to re-member and reimagine the way they heal together in today’s world.

Claudia shared about her special connection to her grandmother and working with our ancestors in our healing process.

Together we discussed the value of claiming our own inner wisdom and authority, our collective evolution beyond patriarchy and the unique impact for people of color.

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A 30 Minute Energy Alignment Session to:

  1.         Identify your energetic imbalances
  2.         Get clear and to the root of your truth
  3.         Map a personal path to balance and power

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