Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow. 

Each month on the podcast, I share my emerging wisdom about embodying our sovereignty, changing our world, and becoming the women we were born to be. 

It’s safe to say none of this is a linear process. There are so many facets to address too get from here to there. I was recently reminded of the importance and value of honoring the mystery in getting from here to there.

I received a powerful message from the Mystery to share with you. As well as a simple practice to expand your perception and open to the mystery in Life. 

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Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow. I’m so delighted to be with you today Beloved.

So we are in the thick of it here in 2020. There is so much popping. It seems like the volume has been turned up and I don’t know if you have been experiencing that in your own life, but since we crossed the threshold into 2020 that has been my experience, just more heat in the fire and those places where we have issues or challenges, it’s, it’s, it’s really an invitation. It feels like from the universe or from life to cross the threshold to cross over into more of an empowered state, more of a state of recognizing our capacity, standing in our capacity and creating our lives from a more empowered place. So I’m inspired to talk with you tonight about something that’s been moving through me in my own journey as this heat has gotten turned up and it is an invitation to recognize and attune to the Mystery. And what I mean by that is to slow things down and to pause and to remember that Feminine Mystery of whether it’s spaciousness, whether it is that going into the dark womb or the cave

to just be still and know as the saying goes to just be still and now or whether it’s opening to the mystery in our world or life around us. We can engage with the Mystery when we change our perceptions, when we go from the very narrow pointed focused perception of living in a linear way where we have our eye on the prize, we have our eye on the goal or the objective, and while that is a very valuable skill and important capacity, when we live entirely from that place, we pay a price. There is a cost that goes with that way of life when we don’t balance it out with allowing our perception to expand. 

Even in this moment, if you just look around your space, wherever you happen to be, and let your eyes land on one thing and really let yourself focus. Focus on that one thing. Take it in singularly.

And then take a breath and let your eyes soften and see if you can even take in the periphery, take in the whole space. Maybe it’s the whole sky or all the trees. As I’m looking out into the woods behind my house, rather than just looking at one individual tree, looking at all the trees collectively and even noticing what I can see in my peripheral vision. So as we enter life from that perception where we can soften and perceive in a larger way, we can begin to notice the Mystery that’s in our midst.

And the way this has been showing up for me. Uh, I have had this, this goal or this objective or this place that I’ve been wanting to get to. And I have felt like there was this big obstacle in the way. Like I have been pushing from my place of will to get from here to there. And I felt this big block impeding me and getting in my way and it’s very frustrating and activating my will even further, making me more desperate, making me more intense and attempting to push even harder in. The more I did that, the more this obstacle, like we’ll say a big giant cow in the middle of the roadway decides to just sit down with all of its weight.

And so I’ve gotten some support with this to explore what it’s all about. And what I have come to learn is that it is the place of the mystery that is saying to me and perhaps this message will resonate or have something for you as well. The Mystery saying, do not overlook me. Do not try and co-opt me. Do not try and commoditize me. 

Honor Me, Bring Me offerings. Come and be with Me. Come commune with Me. Come enter my realm. 

And as I say that I’m brought back to between Christmas and New Year’s, just the one that passed in 2019 I took my daughter and her boyfriend and we went to some caverns that are here in our state Luray caverns in the Northern part of Virginia. And we went down into the earth. And when I hear that message from the Mystery saying, come and be with me, I’m remembering the sites of being in the damp, cool darkness surrounded by these white and pale yellow Stalactites and rock formations, mineral formations. And I remember the gift that comes from that. I remember the most valuable things in my life and in my experience of the world are harvested from this place of depth, from this place of Mystery.

And when I find myself gripped by fear or stress or desperation, I cut off from that. And I don’t have patience for that. And isn’t that just the way of the world? Isn’t that just the out-picturing of the Feminine Mysteries and the great feminine and the way that the distorted patriarchy has come in to attempt to steal or to harvest or to chop up into little marketable bits to sell off for fast cash as opposed to really basking in and savoring and recognizing the endless source of sustenance that comes from engaging, with partnering with and inhabiting the mystery, the mystery within us, the mystery all around us and the mystery that is cradling us. 

So beloved, that’s the invitation I’m receiving and I’m sharing that with you because perhaps it’s what you need right now – to remember that the mystery is present. It’s beckoning you, it’s welcoming you, it is you. It is you. The spaciousness. We are primarily the space between the electrons within us. That is our key element. So we are the mystery. And if today you could honor that mystery, if you could present an offering to that mystery, that great mystery that is you and the mystery that is holding you, how might you do that? What might you offer? And in turn, what might you receive?

So beloved, as we dive deep into 2020 I invite you to remember, the Mystery is here to partner with you. It is always at your side, in your heart and beneath your feet.

And beaming a light from the heavens.

Will you open? Will you open to receive Her gifts? If you feel a deep yes in your heart, She will find a way to meet you. You can ask your inner wisdom or your Higher Self to guide you into to receive the beauty, the magic, the spaciousness of the Mystery. 

And if you would like to join me in entering the mystery more deeply, I have been inspired to take a group of women, a small group of women for a communion pilgrimage to the Heart of Iceland, which is a potent and powerful land of Mystery, of fire and ice. 

If that is something that calls to you or interests you, if you would like to sit by the waterfalls or lie in the grass, look up at the stars, or perhaps the Northern lights to see the steam emerging out of mother earth or the diamond beach with chunks of glacier resting on a lava shore, come to the website and reach out to me. Send me an email, let me know and I’ll get you all the details. They’re still formulating at this point. But if that calls to you and I am telling you, for me, that is a place that opens the mystery in many ways like no other. I’d be delighted to share that journey with you. And until next time, beloved, I’m bowing deeply to your mystery and offering you the reminder to always trust what your heart knows.

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