Katherine Witteman has a powerful story of transformation. You would never guess if you met her today her early years were a desolate time of isolation, fear, perfectionism and driving herself.

She shares her inspiring journey from this state of desperation to the awakening of her mystic’s heart. She is an overflowing expression of love from start to finish.

A Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher, and founder of Dancing Heart Art Katherine shares numerous mystical experiences including the inspiration for her upcoming sacred pilgrimage she’s offering to the ancient site of Mystical Avalon. A divine appointment & soul agreement for those pilgrims destined to join her.

Listen as she describes Sacred Heart Journaling TM, the new spiritual technology she was guided to create in preparation for the Pilgrimage.  An intuitive process combining prayer, poetry, meditation, journaling, energy painting and Intentional Creativity, Sacred Heart Journaling allows you to paint light and read the divine information encoded within it. It is a magical doorway that empowers us to align with our inner heart-wisdom and commune intimately with the mystical, healing energy of ancient power places and sacred sites.

Lastly, Katherine shares a generous free gift for podcast listeners, which includes a copy of a hand painted Sacred Flow image and meditation designed to call you home to a state of Sacred Flow.

To access Katherine’s free gift, go to https://dancingheartart.com

Also mentioned in this episode:

Intentional Creativity TM and it’s co- founders Shiloh Sophia McLoud and Sue Hoya Sellers.

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