My daughter and I are spending the week out of state with my aging parents.  It was an unplanned trip spurred by a sobering diagnosis my mother just received. I’m here arranging care and ongoing supports and being reminded of what really matters.

I’m watching my mother grow more accepting of support. And quickly getting clearer and clearer of what she wants for her remaining time, which isn’t always popular with her loved ones.

I feel waves of grief and sadness wash over me and I deeply appreciate this opportunity for my daughter to have candid conversations with her grandmother about life and living the final chapters on her own terms. We are having loving and tender moments as we enjoy the simple pleasure of Being together. At times I feel a flow of joy that shifts to sorrow and then back again.

Watching my mother has highlighted the importance of knowing and honoring yourself so you don’t waste one day living someone else’s version of your life. 


I have two events coming up later this month to support you in remembering and honoring what really matters to you and connecting with that wise Feminine Essence within you.


I am offering a Free 1 Hour Virtual Class: Open to Your Sacred Feminine Flow on Monday July 18th at 6:30 pm EST.

Join me to relax and begin creating emotional and financial peace of mind.  Access your unique Feminine essence that guides you in claiming and nourishing what really matters to you. 

 To register click HERE


On Friday July 29th, I will be joined here in Richmond by Molly Sharp, of the Richmond Symphony for our quarterly Sanctuary Day.

As always we will take the day to step out of the giving and doing for others and return to ourselves and what matters most to us. 

I’m particularly excited to have Molly join us this time because she will lead us in a creating a personal touchstone.  Long after the retreat it will serve as a daily reminder and support to live what matters most to you. 

To register: email Joni directly at

So my dear, please don’t waste another day living someone else’s script for your life. Take one small step today to reconnect with your unique Feminine essence, remember what’s important to you, and surround yourself with those who support your dreams.

Please email me or leave a comment below to let me know what small step you’ll take today.


With deep love,


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