My Dear Sister,

We each come to recognize the value and beauty of our Feminine nature in our own unique way. It’s my honor and delight to share my story with you through a recent conversation with my friend and colleague, Reba Linker.

Reba, is perhaps like you, on her own journey of discovering the Divine Feminine. During our talk she had a powerful revelation about gravity that is sure to expand the way you look at the Feminine. It did for me.

Even though we touched on a number of facets we were just getting started. It’s a conversation I would love to continue and I hope you’ll join me.

As you watch, receive our Truth and notice what it stirs and awakens within you. We each transmit and birth a unique facet of the Sacred Feminine that touches all we reach. You can watch that process in real time as both Reba and I have new revelations. It’s really quite beautiful.

I would love to hear what a-ha or Divine Feminine pearl our conversation awoke in you, please share below. 


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