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During our current challenging times, we could all use more Grace. In this episode we explore the aspects and benefits of Grace. There are also 2 powerful invitations to healing and receiving the Grace you need. Lastly, we explore the doorways to Grace – Receptivity, Forgiveness and remembering our own Worthiness.

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Welcome to trust your sacred feminine flow. I’m your host, Joni Advent Maher and I am so honored and delighted to be here with you today. In just another month I’m going to be celebrating my hundredth episode and that feels like a really big deal. I’ve been at this for just about four years and just reflecting on all the ways that I have grown and changed. All the wisdom that has passed through this vehicle of trust, your sacred feminine flow. It just fills my heart and I am looking forward to four more years of being with you and beyond. So I’m deeply grateful for you, my dear listener, for being here with us. Whether this is your first time or whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or somewhere along the way, you got on the bandwagon. I’m so happy to have you here.  Today I would love to talk to you about Grace. And it seems to me that we could all do with a little more grace right about now.

It seems like for many of us, we’re just feeling a bit worn thin after so many weeks of confinement, stress and unpredictability in our lives. And so grace is a powerful medicine that is always available for us and it felt important to remember that and for us to spend some time talking about grace, opening to grace, entering a space of grace. 

I think one of the hallmarks of grace is the fact that it is not earned and it seems that so often whether it’s grace or blessings or abundance or joy or peace or prosperity. So often we operate with the assumption that it must be earned, that there is something we need to do to make ourselves enough or worthy of receiving grace. Or receiving wellbeing into our lives. And I just want to punctuate that and just say that the truth about grace is, is that we are always worthy. That you, just as you are today are beyond worthy, worthy enough to let grace into your lives. It’s freely available. That’s the other piece I want to underscore. It is as ubiquitous as the air that we breathe and I think that is, I think most of us, I would say 99.9% of us are not living in that reality. That grace is really our ever present state. 

I think about a knot that’s been tangled, that just simply melts open and is freed. That is the potential that dwells in grace. 

Grace knows how to forgive what feels unforgivable. Grace also knows how to love what feels unlovable. And I want you to just take a moment and think back to a time when you experienced grace.

When grace came into your life unbidden.

And just see if you can resonate with that sense of whether it’s having what you thought was unforgivable. Be forgiven.

Or some aspect of you that has felt unlovable, receiving the love. Just drink that in. 

So grace holds the solutions to those things that confound us and feel unsolvable. So I want you to just scan your life, your day, your week, your month. What is it that you’re facing? What is it that you’re carrying in your heart that feels vexing? That feels like a dilemma that you just don’t have the answer to that feels unsolvable and it may be something in the larger collective. It may be what we’re all experiencing right now, but I want you to just imagine that you could put it in the Palm of your hand and hold it out and offer it to that spaciousness of grace and that idea of spaciousness holding the grace. I just want to remind us that we are actually more space than we are solid form the electrons that make up. Ultimately our bodies have more space in between them than they do the actual form and I believe that is where grace dwells. It dwells within the spaciousness within us, it dwells within the spaciousness around us. And that all we have to do is to be willing to receive it.

Now receiving for many of us can be a tall order. We may not be very adept at receiving. We may be great at giving, we might be great at earning, but just openly receiving might feel like one of the hardest things that we can do. And if that’s the case for you, I want to invite you today just to use your intention to soften any resistance you might have to receiving good coming to you. 

It’s absolutely okay to have boundaries or to have filters or limits so that you’re only open to receiving that which is good and supportive for you. But if you’re feeling a block there with receiving, again, whether it’s prosperity, abundance, health, wellbeing, grace, it’s always an issue of worthiness and self worth and somewhere within you not feeling good enough or enough in order to receive. So I would invite you to use this opportunity to bring some healing to that. And again, if you could imagine just extending your hand into the space, the space around you, the space in front of you, just extending your hand and feeling the presence of a balm, a grace filled balm that you could just take that hand and bring it to whatever part of your body is holding that sense of unworthiness.

You don’t need to carry it any longer.

You have done your time. And it’s time to set yourself free and open to more grace because guess what? The more grace filled you are, the easier it is to be gracious with others. And again, we could definitely do with graciousness all around these days. We could definitely do with more of that. So you are not serving anyone by holding onto the worthiness, pardon me, unworthiness. It’s not helping you. It’s not helping the whole. What is actually the most healing for all of us is for you to love and accept yourself in those ways that you can take in even more grace and that you can be a, you can be a conduit for grace. You can be a transmitter of grace that you can send grace out to the world. 

Where would you like to send grace? I can think of a few places. So in this moment, just imagine yourself being that conduit, being that channel, receiving the grace in. Perhaps even receiving it in through your left hand, sending it through your heart and then transmitting it out through your right hand. Mmm That feels good, doesn’t it? 

So one of the last pieces I want to name, which I mentioned is our maybe I mentioned, it’s really this idea of forgiveness, forgiving what’s unforgivable. And similar lately, similar to the idea of not feeling worthy. There are times when forgiveness is necessary, whether it’s self forgiveness or forgiveness of others, but to the extent we have those, that hardened place within our heart, it’s going to obstruct our capacity to receive. 

And remembering the only thing that’s required for us to experience grace in our lives is our willingness to receive. And I would dare say when it gets in the way, our willingness to engage in a forgiveness practice. And forgiveness can certainly be a process, but we can make the decision to engage in that process, to be in a process around forgiving, which can sometimes mean feeling all of our feelings, feeling the hurt, feeling the anger, feeling the sense of betrayal, whatever the case may be. Only then can we be freed of the burden of holding on to what is unforgivable. And again, we can use grace as that healing balm. So once again, if there’s anything in your world that feels like it needs forgiveness, whether it’s within you or externally, I want you to put your hand out to receive the healing balm of grace. And if it’s within you to just bring that balm back into your body. And if it is in a relationship with someone else, just to imagine that you could put that on their heart. And let’s take three deep breaths. 

So my dear. As we bring this to a close, I want to help you remember that grace is always available and that grace dwells in the spaciousness. So I want you to look around the space that you’re in. And you’ll see the objects or the furniture or if you’re in the car, the steering wheel and the windows, and I want you to notice all the empty space, all the negative space as they say. The space that doesn’t hold anything other than I want you to notice and imagine other than grace, can you imagine walking across the room and sensing I am walking through the space of grace or driving your car down the road and driving through the space of grace. So I want to just plant that in your mind and have you hold onto that, I hope. So that grace can be closer and more present in your world.

I want to send you big love from me to you, as we’re getting ready to close and to tell you again that my hundredth episode, my anniversary is coming up next month. I would love to have you there to join me. I’m going to have some exciting things going on for that. I think we’re going to be having a special, uh, give away a special. Um, why can’t I not think of the word? Contest to help spread the word cause we want as many women and or men who are interested in listening to the show as possible to find out about it. So we’re going to do a little contest to help spread the word and win some prizes. So be on the lookout for that. And as always, as we bring this to a close, I’m sending you my love with the reminder to always trust what your heart knows.

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