My Dear Ones,


As we enter the season of presents and Presence I have two wonderful new resources to share with you. Two new books I’ve had the pleasure to explore and thought you would enjoy.


They are both useful tools to support you with the challenges we all face of feeling isolated, afraid, unlovable & vulnerable.


I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and in love with yourself and your life.


Here are two useful tools I’ve enjoyed to help you on your journey.


Me Myself and IFirst, I’ve been dipping into Me, Myself, & I ~ 28 Days of Creative Self-Love. A rich, new multi-media e-book by Cheryl Bridges. Harnessing your creativity, it takes you step by step through a process of growing your self-love.


In one of her creative inquiry exercises from Day 22, on connecting with Spirit to discover Who You Really Are, I had quite a powerful insight.


It began with remembering the many times in my life I have felt alone, disconnected, vulnerable and not enough. I then heard the voices of my teachers reminding me that ultimately you are not separate from all you see around you. It is our belief that we are separate that perpetuates the feeling of emptiness and lack. I thought, “ok, that’s great but how do I know I’m not separate. How do I feel the connectedness and be open to a sense of Oneness?”


To my pleasant surprise the exercise brought me right into the heart of my question. It took me through an experience of self-love to an endless field of love, which changed my perspective immensely.


It fostered a beautiful opening in my heart to a fine, translucent, melon colored stream of Love.


Here is what I heard it say to me:


“Enter the Field of Love

The stream of love is moving through you

Your veil of illusion is slipping away

now you can feel the Truth

This Love is you

You can receive it and you are the transmitter

There is no part of you that doesn’t exist in the flow.

Let your edges soften so the Love can absorb you.”


All this as I’m traveling down the Pennsylvania Turnpike on my way to see my family for Thanksgiving. It was so simple but also transformative. It took me from the little I to a much larger sense of who I am. I felt that sense of fullness and connection we each long for when we feel small and disconnected.


You can learn more about Me, Myself, & I ~ 28 Days of Creative Self-Love at:


Unseen FriendsThe second book is from my colleague and author, Boni Lonnsburry. Her new book, being launched today is called Messages From Your Unseen Friends. It highlights how we are all surrounded by unseen friends, loving us, guiding us, supporting us and speaking to us all the time in many different ways. They are called many things – soul, spirit, angels, guides, God/Goddess or even guidance from your subconscious mind. The names are not important – the truth of the message and how it feels to you is what’s important.


Boni’s book is a beautiful and inspiring collection of messages from these unseen friends. I was fortunate to have an advanced copy and found it inspiring and comforting in its transmission of love, guidance and support.


It’s a great resource for those moments when you need a deeper message of love, hope and guidance.


So I invite you to check it out here. Visit this link to learn more about Messages From Your Unseen Friends.


To make it extra special for the next 24 hours, during the official launch of Messages From Your Unseen Friends, you’ll also receive lots of free bonuses!


Unseen Friends


Personally, I am sharing my mini online workshop Daring You: A Seven Day Journey of Stepping out of the Box and into Your Freedom.


In addition, Boni has many other friends who’ve contributed free gifts in support of her launch. All of these gifts will be available to you after purchase of the book. Click here to check it out.


It is such a blessing to find resources that help us remember who we really are and help us to re-connect with the beauty within ourselves. That’s why I appreciate both of these books. Each in their distinctive way provides support to move from disconnection, fear and isolation to expanding your sense of who you are and your connection to the world around you.


You deserve that and I am dedicated to helping you remember it!


With lots of love,



Disclosure: I received complimentary digital copies of Cheryl Bridge’s book “Me, Myself, & I ~ 28 Days of Creative Self-Love” and Boni Lonnsburry’s book “Messages From Your Unseen Friends.” My opinion and my inner wisdom are authentic and 100% my own.


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