When we spend our lives caught up in the perspectives and stories of our minds and egos – it’s as if we spend the whole of our existence in the mudroom of a great mansion.

The fear and the stories of the mind are so compelling and convincing it is literally impossible to see anything beyond the struggles they portray. This is true for us as individuals, for our relationships, families, and communities.

Personally, I was held captive by a tale of profound lack for many years. I know I’m not alone in that. But even as I began to recognize I was caught in illusion I still could not see the truth. Like a pilot flying blind through a fog bank I new the horizon existed but I saw no evidence of it.

In my journey to locate that horizon and many others just like it I’ve learned a few things.

Firstly, I’ve come to learn it’s right here – what I’m looking for has been with me all along. I’ve simply been too blind and distracted by fear-based illusion to see it. This has held true for external items, things I need in my life and qualities I’ve needed in myself. They were all within reach the entire time I was desperately searching.

Secondly, my biggest obstacle to accessing it was – no surprise – Fear. That’s fine and well to say – we all know that. But it’s what it does to the body, emotions, and mind that are most critical. It floods the body with stress hormones and takes you into fight, flight or freeze, which narrows our vision and our entire field of perception. It inhibits our capacity to see our resources and possibilities beyond our perceived threat, which is often times, not a genuine threat.

For example, the panic that came over me last night when I misplaced my reading glasses. I had just returned from dinner with my family. I was sitting on the sofa and pulled out my phone to check something, I instinctively reached into my purse for my reading glasses and they were nowhere to be found.

My mind raced frantically, retracing my steps trying to solve a dilemma that didn’t exist. My glasses were in my purse the whole time. I had pulled out nearly all of the contents twice before I paused and gathered myself long enough to see them. Not to find them – but to see them. To recognize they were there – the whole time.

Now perhaps I’m the only one who gets caught up in these self-induced swivets but I know it’s not likely. In fact, I know there are at least two other people on the planet who work themselves into a frenzy unnecessarily – because I live with them.  Perhaps you find yourself there from time to time as well?

So my glasses are a small example but we can get caught in much higher stakes versions of this game. Nearly anything that induces stress, anxiety or panic is ultimately born out of illusion. Be they issues of livelihood, identity or well-being. When we get caught up in this high stakes, all or nothing state driven by our survival brain we miss all of the resources, choices and support available to us when we can expand our perception.

As we come to understand this we can choose to seek this more abundant Truth and get off the hamster wheel of duality driven fear. We can use our positive will and intention to open to the deepest truth. Or at least open to the possibility of it.

You can turn in your stress and anxiety card. No questions asked.

As you align with that intention things begin to open up – like the sun peaking through a bank of clouds – the deeper truth can begin to emerge.


Here is the shorthand version of what you need to know:

  1. It begins with opening to the possibility, “everything you’ve been looking for has been right here all along”.
  2. Set an intention to look for evidence of this deeper Truth. Practice noticing the ways you are supported, you have what you need, and how everything is falling into place.
  3. Recognize you have inner obstacles that block your capacity to see this.  Learn what those old beliefs are and you can begin dissolving and transmuting them.
  4. When the panic, stress, or fear kicks in pause, breath and bring your self back to yourself in the moment. You can do this by noticing your breath, placing a hand on your heart, feeling sensation in your body or orienting to what you see in the world around. You can do this as soon as you notice – it’s never too late or to premature.
  5. Remember this is a process that takes time. Be gentle with yourself.


I wholeheartedly believe we’re here – living our lives – to remember. All of the challenges and joys in life serve to awaken us to the deepest truth of our spiritual nature and that of life – to that exquisite mansion that is our birthright. Accessing that Truth is not an abstract, woo woo idea that disconnects you from real life. It is a life-changing experience that illuminates a deeper awareness of yourself and life. You continue to be affected and present but you also embody a new power, presence, and ease regardless of the situation.

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