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Each month on the podcast, I share my emerging wisdom about our feminine awakening journey through embodying our sovereignty, changing our world, and becoming the women we were born to be.

There are powerful collective forces at work in the world right now. It can be easy to get swept off course or lose our way. This episode is an exploration of how to maintain our wellbeing and remain in alignment as we close out the year. This episode offers a powerful embodied inquiry practice to come back to the wisdom of your body, heart, and soul and clarify what will serve your personal and professional alignment as we close out the year.

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Hello, and welcome to the show. If this is your first time here, I want to give you a big warm welcome. And if you are returning welcome back, it’s such an honor, and a delight to be with you

I’ve been guided to share today, a story that came to me a few days ago when I was meditating. And it was a remembering from a time way back in the nineties, when I was learning to be a scuba diver. And initially in the training, the process is all about how do you ensure your safety to keep you alive? Because as we know, we can’t naturally exist underneath the water. So the whole experience of training is about practicing over and over and over again, those skills that keep you tuned in plugged into your air source that to keep you at a safe level under water so that you don’t become toxic. And actually that keep you safe in that you can see where you’re going by keeping your mask on your face. So I was remembering taking the test and through the testing process, we would have to simulate each potential of what could go wrong.

For example, the mouthpiece that you breathe through, we would have to take it out of our mouth, drop it, and then pick it up and put it back in. And we would have to take our mask off and then put it back on. And the, the goal and the ideal was always to do this as safely and calmly as we could, so that it became second nature. That it was yeah, that it was second nature. And that we could just move through any challenge with ease. And what I was thinking about as, as I came out of this meditation and had this vision was really the fact that right now, what we are living, what we are experiencing on the earth is in some ways it’s like an inhospitable terrain such as the water, meaning while the water is a beautiful place to be it’s not hospitable for us to live there, to live underneath the water.

And with all that is being stirred up these days here in the States, we have the elections that are just coming up in a couple of weeks. It is thick. The matrix, the collective matrix is thick with toxicity, with fears, with I’m going to say waves of collective, either illusions or beliefs, or traumatic reactions to what is occurring. It’s just kind of a hot mess here right now. And that being the case more important now than ever as we are moving through the end of 2020 in this not so hospitable terrain, that we have those ways that we can stay plugged in to our pure source of air, so to speak, or have the way that we can put that mask or those goggles on it’s almost like the night vision goggles or the, the mask that firemen use to move through the smoke.

And to be able to see with clarity where, where they’re going, like now more than ever, we need that in our lives. And then again, that whole issue of, of knowing when our system is becoming toxic or what we need to do to ensure we stay in a healthy range. I felt like that was the wisdom that spirit was wanting to pass on. Just the remembrance of how important it is for us to maintain our health and wellbeing, our spiritual health, or emotional health or physical health and wellbeing. As we move through the close of 2020. And the way I have been guided to share with you to recommend doing that is to look at what is it you’re walking towards? What is it that is your focal point or your intention? And the encouragement is for us to get crystal clear on what is the intention for ourselves as we move through the remainder of this final quarter of the year, the end of the year. 

Because we can all attest it’s been quite the topsy turvy time, and there is really not a clear end in sight for a while. So now is the time for us to practice those skills. And as I said, the question is what is the intention, or to put it another way, what is it that you are walking towards? Moving towards? Because there are so many forces at play it is vitally important that we stay as focused or aligned as possible with where we are headed. 

So what I am going to suggest is to take a moment right now to take a deep breath and to even do a little jiggle or shoulder shimmy, or a kind of rotating on the top of your body, so that your, upper body, your shoulders, your head are all making a big circle in one direction, and then the other.

So we’re going to take a moment to just tune in and get clear. So this is an opportunity. If you can pause what you’re doing, relax, and sit down, grab your journal. This would be a good time to do that. If you want to pause here and then come back to this recording and do that later, I would suggest it. I would suggest that you take the time to do that. So for now, as we’re settling into the body and feeling the feet, making contact with the floor, which is symbolic for the earth, it’s like sensing that you can feel the earth beneath your feet and seeing if you can relax your pelvis in this moment, any place where there’s holding or tightness, just to relax and let the belly go, no need to hold it in tight right now. And let yourself breathe down to the pelvis and then noticing the alignment, the way that your pelvis, your sacrum is the foundation for your heart space, and then coming up and recognizing the way that it is also the foundation then for your head and your neck.

And just noticing if you can find that center line of alignment in your body. So from pelvis to heart, up to say, third eye, and that you can stack those parts of the body one on top of each other. And noticing whichever way the pelvis moves is ultimately the way it’s the direction you’re going to be facing. Eventually, it’s really hard for us to kind of twist our body and have our pelvis moving in one direction and the rest of us facing a different direction for very long. So imagining that the pelvis is almost like a homing device and that the legs and the feet are the means to move in the direction that you want to head. So for now, we’re just gonna come back to the pelvis and you might even put your hand there to rest and honor, and acknowledge it as a wonderful homing device or navigator. And then I want you to come up to your heart space and bring your awareness and your consciousness into your heart

And we’re just going to ask the question, what is it that you most need physically, as you look through the end of this year, the remaining weeks to close out 2020? What does your body need? What do you need in your environment? And what is it that you want? What is it you desire? What is your body desire? What does it want? What is it you want in your environment? And just take a moment to consider that or to write that down and see, what is it you want to walk towards related to your physical body and your physical wellbeing.

Now, similarly, I want you to come back to your heart space and open to the question, what am I needing emotionally? What am I desiring emotionally? What is the state of being, emotional state of being that would support you well in this challenging environment, as you move through the end of 2020. So take some time to just jot that down and then also consider what is it that you want to walk towards to support that emotional need or emotional state of being that you want to move towards. So what is the intention? What is the clarity?

Now come back to your heart space and sit with the question. What is it spiritually that you need? What is it that you desire spiritually? What is the direction you feel called to or drawn to move towards? And what is the intention that naturally forms out of that? What is the direction that you can choose through choices and actions and behaviors? What is it that you can do to keep yourself walking in that direction spiritually through the remainder of 2020? And then coming back to the heart, once more, one final time to sit with the question of … What is it that I need regarding my sacred service or my unique form of leadership in my own life, in my family, in my business, in my community? What is it that I need? And what is it I desire?

And I want you to sit with what is the natural intention or direction you feel called to move towards as we come through the remainder of 2020.

So, as you have these four directional points, I have not forgotten the mind, and the mind is designed to be the servant and the mind, and the ego can help us stay on track. It is the executive officer that helps with the functioning and the staying in alignment. So it has a very important role. So for you to communicate to your mind, and to take this moment to say, mind, ego, I need your assistance. I need your assistance, both in memory and in the practice and the recall to keep moving in the direction that I am feeling called to move towards. Please assist me with this. And your mind likes to have a job. And it likes to know what the focus is. So if you provide that, and if you ask it will step in, it will assist you in that way.

And then just like the experience of practicing to let go of the mouthpiece in scuba diving or losing the mask the mind can help you with the skill of remembering. You beloved just by virtue of being a conscious woman on a path of growth. You are in a leadership position in this world right now, every step you take in your own healing journey, in your own busting through the old beliefs, or just staying in alignment with a peaceful heart, a kind heart, a compassionate heart, staying out of the fray or the entanglement of the drama, the polarization, the conflict – that is serving the whole. That is a very valuable form of leadership. Even if you don’t take further action beyond that. And, and you may be taking further action beyond that. You may be serving in some other ways.

That is why it is so valuable and important for you to get clear right now what direction you’re moving in, what your intentions are, how to stay in alignment. As you close out the end of 2020 for yourself, if you could use additional support with that beloved, I want to invite you to join us for the monthly visionary leadership activation circle that’s happening on the last Monday of every month. It is a powerful place to make those shifts and to get that support that keep you, that keep us in alignment. That keep us in the flow in that center of the stream, the flow that can carry us into where our heart and soul are calling us to be. So would love to have you join us. If that would be a support for you, you can always register or get the details through the website, revolutionaryheart.com. So I want to take this time to honor and to bow to you and to who you are as a presence, as a force, as a light in this world, for all you’re doing for all your being for all you’re radiating and transmitting. I honor you. I bless you. I see you. I love you. And as always beloved, I offer you the reminder to trust what your heart knows.

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