To make those changes that bring you home to the you who’s been waiting to emerge since you took your first breaths.


To the you whose been fenced in, boxed up and over ridden all these years and is crying out, “ENOUGH”!


To the you ready to shed her old skins, spread her wings and SOAR.


 There are events in our lives that act as initiations.


Are you feeling up ended by your life? Have you been thrown off course? Or is something deep inside telling you it’s time to change course?

I would love to support you with making that grand leap. And my gift is being able to midwife people through life’s ongoing changes and grand leaps.


Click below to see what a 30 year old Far Side comic can tell us about life…

As a Transformational Coach, Visionary Guide, Teacher and Adventurer I invite you to say yes to your Revolutionary Heart. 

Are you ready?

Joni Advent Maher, MSW


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Let’s work together…

“Joni‘s attention and presence,  clarity and willingness to be real and her spiritual grounding gave me the support I needed to break through fear and begin the work of transforming my life.”  –Beth H.

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