Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow and the Divine Feminine Awakening Series. 

This February 2018 re-release episode is a call to reconnect with your unbridled passion and vitality.

Discussed in the episode:  

  • A welcome reminder to re-inhabit your wild woman
  • A visualization to help you discover what she looks like and where she lives within you
  • Why in times of intensity in our lives, the wild aspect of ourselves can go into hiding
  • A few of my favorite experiences that helped me access my inner wild woman
  • Why saying yes to her and allowing her to take the lead sometimes is so important

This Divine Feminine Awakening series provides emerging wisdom from my own journey of feminine awakening delivered episode by episode in real-time over the last 5 years. Through my present-day lens, I’ve chosen the most vital topics to revisit with you. 

May you recognize and receive tools, wisdom and landmarks for your own journey of awakening.  

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Read the Full Transcript Here:

Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow. I’m your host, Joni Advent, Maher, spiritual midwife and transformational guide. Today, I want to talk to you about a reminder that I have been receiving lately from the universe and from life. It’s a reminder to remember the call of the wild, the call of the wild that lives within you and me. And boy, I could really use that these days. I am in it deep in my life. I don’t know what it’s like in your world, but there is some heavy duty stuff going on that is really calling me to be at the top of my game, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and sometimes it can be heavy and sometimes it can be, serious and feel intense. And whether you are going through an intense passage in your own life, or you’re just getting caught up in the day to day, we all find ourselves getting disconnected from that instinctual, wild, outrageous, free essence that lives within us.

That pure vitality of life that we had as little girls or we had as young women, when we would just do something outrageous with our friends and laugh and laugh and laugh. I don’t know if you can remember any times from your past when you just felt that exhilaration and abandon of just being so filled with life and so engaged with life. And I can remember, I can remember a couple of times one when I was a very little girl and myself and my cousins and our friends would get together and we would put music on and we would dance and sing and play and do these little shows and creations in the basement and just get as big and bold as we could just so full of life and filled with life. And one time we were at a party, a family party, and we were just getting, as they say, carried away in the basement and this woman walked by us and I have no idea what I was even doing, but she gave me this look and she just said, I’m so glad you’re not my child.

And that still sticks with me to this day because apparently I was not being very proper and I probably was not being very good. And the thing is, while I was very well trained to be a good girl, I always have had this secret rebel wild girl that has been a part of my life. And that has lived in the background sometimes secretly and furtively. And when I inhabit her, it feels so good, so good. And it gives me medicine and the sustenance to face anything and to get through anything. So today I want to welcome you to remember your wild woman and to think back to when was the last time you indulged her or let her take the lead in your life. So take a moment and just think like, when was the last time I really let myself just get wild? And maybe you’re really good at that.

And maybe it just was earlier today or over the weekend or last month, or what have you, or maybe it’s been a part of yourself that you have been disconnected from for a very long time. Perhaps you’re in a cycle in your life where things are serious or intense, or you are carrying a big mantle of responsibility. And that has gotten the better of you to the extent that you’ve disconnected from that lightness of being and that freedom that comes with living the call of the wild. So today’s episode is really a loving reminder for you to welcome her back. I want you to close your eyes for a moment, if you can. And just imagine often in the distance, this figure beginning to walk towards you, she might be swaggering. She might be dancing. She might be, I don’t know, doing some martial arts moves.

What does your wild woman look like as she gets closer as she approaches? And what part of your life is she connected to? Is she that young teenage self, that 20 something? That body 40 year old, what does your wild woman look like? And how does she want to express through you today? Maybe she wants you to turn on some of your old favorite music from days gone by to just shake your booty and get wild. Maybe she wants you to hop in the car and drive along the coast. Maybe she wants to take you out into nature or out into the wild to be one with the rain storm or to stand under the moonlight or to howl into the night.

Okay. So deep breath. And where does your wild woman live in your body? Where does she inhabit? Is she deep down in your pelvis? Is she in your hips that want to shake or your shoulders that want to shimmy? Or in your wild, loving heart? Where is your wild woman and how can you inhabit her today? I want to share a few of my favorite ways and experiences that I have had just to help prompt your memory in case you need it. So, one of my absolute favorite ways to go wild and to listen to the call of the wild is through music and through dance. I still love to put on whether it’s oldies, modern day pop music or music that my daughter finds and just shake it out with wild abandon and let it go. In fact, one of the things that I love to do with a circle of women is to dance and be free.

One of the other things that absolutely lights me up and activates my wild woman is being in the wild, being out in nature in parts of the world that are still untouched. My happy place, Ocracoke island off the coast of North Carolina has 13 miles of national seashore that is a national park. And so there are no buildings and it’s just wild and wide open. Every year I go there with my family and friends and immerse myself in the wild, and I can see the transformation that I go through every single trip. And I remember a time when my dear friend Elizabeth and I were sitting on the beach and it was close to sunset and way, way, way down the beach, I don’t know, quarter of a mile or so was this large group, this large party of people. And they had these massive speakers and they were blaring music.

They were blaring the song, Personal Jesus, and they were dancing. And Elizabeth and I got up and we danced and we danced out in the wind and the wild with the breeze blowing through our hair. And it was the best. It was like one of those peak experiences. And birthdays I’ve celebrated there skinny dipping off the coast and becoming one with life. It’s like that wild woman part of us is a slice of life. It’s our instinctual self that is the embodiment of life wanting to explore and be in life fully. And when we get caught up in our day to day or in the mundane or taking things too seriously, we forget that. And we forget her. So today’s invitation is to bring her back, to listen to the call of the wild, to pause and tune in and see how would your wild woman like to be present in your day today? How would she like to show up while you are preparing dinner? How would she like to show up when you’re taking care of those things at work? How is she here to inform and teach you?

Because my dear, your wild woman is an essential part of sacred feminine flow. Because not all feminine flow is peaceful and easy. Some of it is riding the rapids. Some of it is that stream that’s pouring off the mountain as the snow melts with a wild torrent. And that is meant to be experienced full on. And if you notice that your mind has some ideas about this or your inner critic has some ideas about the properness or the appropriateness of this, just notice that, just notice the ways that it might want to tamp down on you, living into that fullness of your wild self.

Most of us have not been conditioned to be free in those ways and expressive in those ways and bring our wild woman to the table.

But she is an important aspect of you and of us that we all need these days. We are living in some wild west times in humanity, as people are waking up, as the old forms are falling away and we’re walking through the dust storms of illusion, we need that clarity and we need our full vitality that she brings to the table. So again, my dear, this is your invitation. This is your reminder. Find your wild woman, hear her call.

Say yes to it. Allowing her to take the lead in your life or in your day today, I can assure you, I will be doing that myself. So my dear it’s time to bring this to a close. I want to remind you that I have a sanctuary day coming up later this month, I would love to have you join me. You can go to the website and check that out at  Revolutionaryheart.com. I guarantee you, we will be dancing. We will be moving and reconnecting with our wild woman among other things. So until next time, my beloved always, always, always trust what your heart knows.

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