Dear One,


How would you like to take a day to replenish, recharge, remember what really matters to you in a circle of kindred sisters?


As women, we are the heart, soul and backbone of our families, jobs and communities. We give and give of ourselves and never stop quite long enough to fully replenish.


  • Wouldn’t it be nice to set your burdens down, and reconnect to the you whose gotten lost in the errands, commitments and to- do lists? 

  • To let yourself connect with other women? 

  • Take some time to slow down, nourish yourself and just be? 

  • To rekindle your spark? 

  • To explore your creative essence?  


When was the last time you claimed time and space for yourself? Claimed the time to slow down, be tended to and look deep within yourself?



We have the whole day before us to step out of the demands of our life and begin to move at our own pace. To stop, look within, begin to listen, open to and perhaps meet for the first time the woman we were born to be.


You will drink from the well of your own Inner Being and open to where that will call you next in your life. As we begin to live into the spaciousness, nourishment and expansion of our day it can’t help but change our lives as we know it. Slowly but surely, bit by bit, we replenish our reserves until they reach a point of overflow.


Imagine re-entering your life with a surplus to share, upgrading your inner template to include resilience and reserves of time, energy or money. Although it feels counterintuitive to take a whole day just for you this gift to yourself will allow you to open to such a state of abundance it will generate more abundance in your life.


One Friday each season I will gather with an intimate group of sisters in the Sanctuary. We will take the day to slow down, nourish ourselves and go within.  Join us and you can expect to:  be still, listen deeply and rest; to move and relax into your body; to access your creativity; to have space to share and be witnessed. 


You are sure to come away:

  • Feeling renewed, relaxed and recharged

  • More centered in yourself

  • Feeling lighter and having more clarity

  • Feeling more full and abundant



Joni has consistently been one of the most empathetic, compassionate, and wise women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing — and learning from. After each encounter I have with Joni, I walk away feeling nurtured, heard, validated and even transformed. 

Valley H.

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