Initial Session or Consult is $150 in person or by phone. Packages of sessions are available.


In this session I will use my expertise in examining and synthesizing the big picture to provide you with a clearer understanding of where you are in your life’s journey, what themes you are working with, and where your inner being appears to be guiding you.

I will provide you with specific suggestions of how to move forward in your life in a manner that brings you joy and fulfillment.

 Most of us need ongoing support to get from where we are in our life journey to where we want to be. Moving from here to there is rarely a clear and linear process.

Having a Guide that is an expert in the terrain – its challenges and pitfalls – can be invaluable.


You don’t have to wander, stumble or bushwhack to get to where you want to go any longer.


You can relax knowing you will have consistent, caring support from a wise and compassionate guide and it is my honor and joy to be your guide on this journey.


To sign up for your initial session or for additional information you can go  HERE .

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