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Each month on the podcast, I share my emerging wisdom about our feminine awakening journey through embodying our sovereignty, changing our world, and becoming the women we were born to be. 

As we choose our new leader here in the United States it’s time to explore how to up-level our leadership as we move forward.

In this brief episode, we are deconstructing two key elements of leadership for our time. We’ll explore why the capacity to manage and tend our emotions is so key to exceptional leadership as well as the necessity of our inner authority.

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Read the Full Transcript Here:

Hello and welcome. I am so delighted to be with you again today. And if this is your first time here, I want to give you a big warm, welcome, glad you could join us. 

So here in the States today, it is election day. There’s been a lot of intensity and emotion and fervor wrapped up in this. And regardless of the outcome, I can imagine that that is going to continue. That it’s not going to be, it’s not necessarily going to bring resolution or peace that we are likely going to be moving into continued unrest as we move forward, whether you are happy with the outcome or not.

Given that I wanted us to talk today about leadership, about the components of exceptional leadership and also about authority and our inner authority, because frankly, I am feeling like the invitation for all of us right now is to come back to ourselves. It is to come back to our own inner authority. The days are gone of the big rescue, of the Messiah, the second coming of some savior who was going to deliver us all from the big fat mess. And the invitation is to come back to ourselves, to take leadership in our own lives, to choose consciously our state of being, our vibration, what we are a stand for, what we are a voice for first and foremost in our own lives. And then in our families, our communities, and in the larger collective. We’ve heard it numerous times, but I’ll say it again. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

And now is the time. It’s the time to, to up your game, to polish your skills, to remember who you are and what you are here to do. And that does not have to be some big grand mission. It may simply be to be the most full version of yourself. To be the most true and honoring and loving you that you can be. First and foremost towards yourself and then towards the others in your life. 

And there’s two pieces that I want to talk about today regarding leadership. And I would say conscious leadership, quality leadership, perhaps even exceptional leadership. One of the qualities that is not often discussed that frankly is more critical now than ever is a capacity to tend our own emotions and our emotional reactions. And let suffice to say that that is a skill set that is sorely lacking from most modern day leaders.

I had a teacher I was listening to just this week and they were talking about how the current paradigm of leadership is one where those in charge or those in power assuage their own anxiety by inducing fear in those they are here to serve or to lead. And certainly if you look at the culture here in the US and the way things have been handled, you can see very clearly the way that fear has been incited. And I bring that up merely to point out that, to the extent that we are capable of tending our own hearts, our own emotions under any circumstances. And not that we do that perfectly all the time, but to the extent that we have some skills in that regard, we don’t need to pass our fear on, we don’t need to intimidate or have others feeling fearful so that we can relax or feel at ease and the new form of leadership that we are moving towards calls for the capacity to hold with compassion, our own emotions, our own needs. To tend those, even as we are doing that, for those we’re serving, holding them with compassion, being mindful of their needs and their emotions and how those are tended as well.

So I bring this up just to say that wherever you are in your journey of awakening or growth or healing or Ascension, whatever the case may be that to the extent that you are still facing feelings, that you still having challenging feelings or places where you’re triggered or a feeling of reactivity. And that may even come in, going out into the world or facing what’s happening in the collective. That there’s nothing wrong with that because nobody is leading from a place of perfection or complete healing or enlightenment. It’s perfectly fine for us to have all of our messy feelings for us to be in the midst of our own reactivity or big deals that we’re dealing with emotionally train wrecks that we’re in the midst of. It’s not that we can’t be of service even from those states, it’s that we cultivate the skills to tend ourselves, even as we are of service to others.

And sometimes we have to pull back from our service to others, but it really is that it’s that self-loving, and that compassion towards our self, it’s that holding the space for our self, even as we’re present to others, that is one of the most powerful facets of the feminine paradigm of leadership. The second piece that I want to bring up in this idea of coming back to ourselves and the fact that there is not a savior is, guess what? We don’t have to be the saviors. We don’t have to be the rescuers either. We’re not going to be rescued, but we don’t have to do the rescuing. We are here to be in charge of our own vibration. We are here to be in charge of our own healing. We are here to be a fountain of our wisdom. If it wants to be expressed through us, we are a vehicle and a yes to that, but we’re not here to save anyone.

Even if we’re here to create huge global impact, we are here to be way showers and wisdom keepers, and we are expressing that, but it is in activating others, it is in sparking something within them. It is in permission giving that this global shift is going to happen. It’s not through any one of us having to lead the charge or be the One. 

So we’re going to keep this short today, but as I bring it to a close, I want you to just, if you’re able to put your out in front of you, just in front of your heart space, as if someone were going to hand you something. And I want you to imagine that I am there in the space with you and I am laying into your hands, the mantle, the mantle of your leadership, the mantle of your responsibility and ownership for just your part. Whatever it is that you came here to do. That’s all you are responsible for. And to the extent that each of us can receive that mantle and find some way to either bring it into your heart space or perhaps wrap it around your shoulders.

To the extent each of us takes that, takes it on, takes it in. Particularly today, this day, this day, when we are choosing who we want to be, the leader. I invite you to experiment with saying, I choose me. I choose me to be the leader in my life, in my world. I choose to bring in light and truth and clarity and courage and wisdom and healing into my world. And that is how change will occur. And the ripple effects of that will be felt far and wide for days and weeks and years to come. 

So beloved, I’m doing a deep bow to you. I want to invite you to join me next month to my visionary leadership activation circle. I hold it the last Monday of every month. Consider it a way to say I choose me. I choose me to be in charge of my life and my world. You can find all the details and register through the link on the website, revolutionaryheart.com. And until next time beloved always trust what your heart knows.

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