Would you love to:


  • Feel a new sense of freedom, vitality and confidence

  • Break through what has held you back for all these years

  • Love, accept and value yourself like never before

  • Birth that big, bold, beautiful light that is your essential self

  • Create the life that expresses you in all your fullness


Revolutionary Heart Sessions are designed to take you to the very heart of your life’s unfolding journey. To recognize where you are in that process and where you are headed. I draw upon my broad array of transformational and clinical skills to support your groundbreaking blossoming into life.

We will work at your individualized pace. We may meet for a few sessions, or over a more expansive period of time based on your individual needs, pace and rhythms.



With sessions over time you can expect to: 


  • Access your own source of personalized guidance and wisdom

  • Feel seen, supported and celebrated

  • Live with joy

  • Express yourself with more ease and confidence


You will come away feeling more joyful, alive, and comfortable in your own skin. You will trust yourself, life, and the unfolding process your heart of hearts is calling you to.


You will be more grounded in your own brilliant beauty and gifts. You will have a clear sense of where you are going and the positive steps you can take to get you there.



And you will feel with more certainty that you are living YOUR life.



Healing, growth, freedom, these are some of the things that come to mind when I think about working with Joni Maher. She gave me the chance to grow up, to evolve and to transform my life. Joni’s honesty, presence, and patience all became this powerful container for me to come forth. She is a midwife, mother, and divine feminine all mixed up with a dash of playfulness and juiciness that shines through. 

Suzanne K.

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