Are you ready to create a Sacred space for your Soul to express its essence and guide you home to your truest expression?



To take the space and time to dive deeply into communion with your inner being ? I would be honored to support you in opening  to the places we rarely have time to access because the journey in and the journey out take such patience, care and sensitivity. 


This is the work that is not to be pushed or rushed.

It is the work of deep unfolding.



We may draw upon intentional creativity, practices to take you deep within, ritual, movement, or journeying. It will be structured based on your individual needs.


You will slow down and listen with exquisite care to the murmurings of the Self down deep within and follow its call.  As you learn to be true to this inner voice your life takes a new richness and joy.




– a full day with a delicious lunch
– hour long preparation session to clarify our focus
– hour long follow up session to support your integration



Contact me HERE to book a session.


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