• Are you ready to take a deeper dive into a specific issue or life challenge? 

  • To give yourself the gift of focused time to breakthrough what’s holding you back? 

  • Or to initiate your own glorious rebirth? 

A Communion with Self Session is an opportunity to claim a day of personalized support and guidance completely for yourself where you can move out of the demands of your life and flow with your very own rhythm. As you devote this whole day to yourself you can slow down and listen deeply. 


When was the last time you took that much time just for you?



These day-long sessions allow you to immerse yourself deeply in your process to initiate or move through a significant shift within yourself. It will allow you to accomplish in a day what would take months of ongoing sessions.


Creating a Sacred container to support you as you dive deeply during our day together is my commitment to you so you can also  continue to evolve and integrate after our day together.


We will pull back the veil of this outer world with its stories and beliefs about who you are, with its boxes and hamster wheels that you’ve spent far too long inhabiting.


We’ll go to the timeless place – the place where your wise inner Being can be found.  You will drink from the nourishing well of your very own Center and come away changed because you initiated your own rebirth.


Once you crack that door open, even the smallest amount of light from your true and essential self begins to guide your journey into inhabiting her completely.


The days of despair, doubt, or darkness never have quite the hold on us

they had once before.


If you are ready to say YES and claim the time, space, exquisite care and support for yourself you can expect to:

  • Take the next step in claiming and expressing your fullness

  • Put down new roots in the life you were born to live

  • Experience the beauty and magnificence of your own unique soul

  • Ground deeply in your own inner wisdom

  • Initiate your blossoming into life

  • Breakthrough what is holding you back

  • Recognize and celebrate your unique gifts and talents

  • Take up more space in your own body, relationships and life




During the last two years, Joni provided a shelter for my soul in my journey toward healing. She served as a very effective spiritual director that has allowed authentic transformation to take place for my life.

Mark O.

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