Do you remember what your journey from girl to woman was like? 


Were you supported in handling the physical and emotional changes you experienced? 

Did anyone take the time to teach you the magic, mystery and gift of being a female?  

Or consciously guide you in becoming the woman you wanted to be?


For many of us the answer was a clear and resounding NO.

Celebrating Beautiful You!
An opportunity to explore the Girl to Woman Journey


Come together with other moms and girls (9-11 years old) in a safe and supportive community to discuss expectations, concerns and possibilities of coming of age. Discover through guided one on one time, group discussion, and joint creative art projects how to support yourself and nurture your daughter’s spirit during her once in a lifetime metamorphosis.

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Our generation has come a long way in educating our girls about the changes they can expect as they move through puberty and beyond.


I know how hard you work to support your daughter’s well-being, self confidence and success in the world. Given all you best efforts you may still not be clear how to support her in maintaining that sense of esteem and empowerment as she becomes a young woman and moves further out into the world of peer and cultural influences.



You can already see how eager she is to explore, and experiment with and learn how to be a woman. Your daughter has already begun to study the world around her for the secrets and clues of how to be a woman. For years she will continue to imitate and try on the attire, attitudes and behaviors of peers, pop stars and the most dynamic and alive women she sees around her.



Wouldn’t it be nice to have a supportive environment to connect with your daughter and surface these important topics, challenges and questions with other moms and girls in the midst of the same journey?



I have created just such a space with the support and mentorship of some amazing and inspiring women and girls on my own journey, including my own daughter.


Celebrating Beautiful You!

An opportunity to explore the Girl to Woman Journey

A day long workshop for girls 9-11 and their mothers.



“This workshop was a great opportunity to spend intentional time with my oldest daughter.  As a mother it really helped me remember what it was like to be 10 years old! It also served to remind me of what kind of mom I had hoped I would be. Almost two months later, I can also say this renewal of connection was deeper and more heart opening one for me than I ever realized at the time.”
Sara, Mom to 9 year old


“The class is a good preview for girls who might not want to ask. It wasn’t as embarrassing as I thought to talk about this stuff in a group. The mother/daughter activities helped me bond with my mom and it’s good to take a moment to single out what we like about each other.” –Ruby, age 9


“My preteen did not want to attend because she thought the topic was too embarrassing, but in the end decided to go because her best friend was going. Once we got there, Joan made all the moms and girls very comfortable, and my daughter was instantly at ease. The brilliance of this class is its unusual blending of practical information and earth mother wisdom. My daughter learned facts about puberty and the changes she is just beginning to notice, but she also learned spiritual lessons about what it means to be a woman. I really enjoyed the opportunity it gave us to bond before the trials of adolescence begin. She left with a first moon box with supplies that will have her ready when the time comes, along with a newfound confidence about the transition that is just on the horizon.” –Sarah, mom to 9 year old


You and your daughter will come away with:

  • A renewed sense of connection between you

  • A means to discuss the changes occurring for her and in your relationship

  • A new appreciation of being a woman

  • A first Moon kit to both prepare for and mark her first period in a special way.

  • A sense of community with other girls and moms moving through the same journey.



IMG_3053Facilitated by Joni Advent Maher, MSW

Certified Beautiful You Instructor

If you need a place to begin or continue a conversation with your daughter that’s at the heart and the soul of being a woman.

If you want to gather with other mom’s and girls interested in exploring the physical and emotional changes that come with puberty in a larger spiritual context of the magic and the mystery of being a woman this is the workshop for you.

If you want a scientific or academic review of puberty and the accompanying changes this is not what you’re looking for.


If you want to build your daughter’s sense of self on a basis of the beauty, gifts and value of being a woman this is what you’re looking for.


Come join us in the Celebration!

Cost for the workshop is $175 for mom and daughter. Sign up below to be notified of our next class!


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