Beloved come join me for a day of deep retreat.  

Unplug from the world and root in the Sacred Source.


Come my dear and lay your burdens down.

Return to the Sanctuary

The space beyond time

to breath in the silence.

Do you hear it calling?

The place of quiet stillness

And limitless depth

Come take your place.

Return to the speed of bone and blood.

The sway of the Mother’s hips

Be nourished and renewed

in the river of love

Discover the cosmos

deep within

Your own Sacred Heart.

A Sanctuary Day is for you if long:


For a respite from the chronic tension of the outer world

To deepen in your Inner Wisdom, Spiritual Connection and Unique Expression in your life.

For practices based in sensuality, communion and creative flow

To connect with an intimate circle of kindred sisters



We will…

Meet via Zoom Friday 2/23/18 between 9:30 am – 3:30 pm EST

Come together for 3 group sessions

Practice movement, stillness, sound, breath, creativity, communion, authentic expression and deep listening.

Using tools such as: moving meditation, journaling, sharing, self massage, conscious breathing, art, inquiry.

$97 for the day ($77 early bird discount through 2/9/18)

Space is Limited.

Early bird savings by February 9th

You can expect a time and space to:

-get exquisitely present to yourself

-enter spaciousness and flow

-root Deeply in your Spiritual source

Be Held in a sacred space by supportive sisters

Connect with you body, heart and soul

express your Creative power

nourish and Fill yourself up




It can be easy to get swept into the cultural habit of building fulfillment, worth and abundance in our lives by doing more. We’ve been indoctrinated to push ourselves to achieve our dreams and desires.

It’s so deeply ingrained in our collective you may still get caught in the cultural fear of lack driving the impulse to strive and over-do even after years of growth and spiritual practice. I know I do.

But as we cultivate a practice of slowing down, opening to flow, spaciousness and rooting in our deep Spiritual Source we create our fulfillment and abundance – in all ways – with a fraction of the effort. We achieve and receive more through clear, aligned, intentional action.

This is the wisdom and power of the Feminine in Sacred partnership with the Masculine.

This is our birthright and our destiny.

It is a new way of living and creating we cultivate through Spiritual practice based in the Feminine.

At the end of the Day you’ll re-enter your life:

Nourished and Expanded

Resilient and Abundant

Clear of Your Next Step

Connected to yourself & your Source of Well Being

Early bird savings by February 9th

I look forward to seeing you there Beloved.

With heart,


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