Join a wise and soulful circle of sisters ready to create powerful medicine in their lives: 



You’ll learn to create a Living Altar to support your life and transformation in the New Year.

We’re at a time of great upheaval and transformation

as we head into the New Year filled with promise and uncertainty.

These times calls for extraordinary medicine.

The kind

We need

to remember


and live

in that space beyond right and wrong

The field calling us home with every









Creating a personal altar is a potent way to blend symbolism, intention, creativity, beauty, reverence, play and devotion together to infuse your life and personal space with Grace.


A personal alter will amplify your intentions. It can be a portal, touchstone, invocation, shrine or catalyst for transformation. 


Join us for this hour-long workshop to learn the basic elements to create a personal altar for any purpose. And begin to create a personal altar to support your journey in 2018.



No previous experience or spiritual beliefs required.


The word Altar originates from the Latin “Alta” which means high place. When we create an altar it is an elevated, refined or sacred space.

Possible side effects of Creating Altars as a Spiritual Practice: Delight, Gratitude, Peace of Mind, Heart opening, Ease, Transformation, and a Deeper Connection with Self, Life and the Divine.


You may participate in the Workshop using your computer or phone. After signing up you will receive the contact link and phone number to join our live Workshop on January 11th. A recording will also be sent after the call.

In order of appearance altars created by Subpreet Dhillon-Raju, Maggi Maggan Nilson and Joni Advent Maher.

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