Wouldn’t it feel nice to have more ease in your life?


There is a powerful resource available to all of us we routinely overlook.  The Sacred Feminine is our source for all nourishment and wellbeing.  She exists within and around us.

This podcast is an inquiry and practice for learning to partner with and open to the Sacred Feminine Flow.  It includes emerging wisdom of mine and my extraordinary guests’ exploration of stepping into sovereignty in our lives.


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It’s All Right Here

What if everything you’ve been looking for has been right here all along? Joni explores some key spiritual wisdom to draw upon during times of anxiety and stress. It’s designed to expand your thinking and help you create more freedom and empowerment.

Coming out of Freeze

A brief exploration of the frozeness that can keep us from inhabiting our sovereignty and how we can begin to shift it.

Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow Podcasts

Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow Kick Off Interview

Spiritual feminist and empowerment coach, Joni Advent Maher and podcast producer, Shann Vander Leek discuss the new Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow podcast and what women can expect when they listen in to this brand new sacred feminine series.
Introducing Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow with Joni Advent Maher

Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

Break Free of Old Agreements with Sandy Rakowitz

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