Standing In Your Sovereignty

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Welcome Wise One,

Are you ready to claim your inspired, feminine leadership?

Deep down have you always known you had wisdom to share but somewhere along the way you forgot you had value and power?

Was your unique way of Being misunderstood or devalued?

Have you hid or disowned key parts of yourself to fit in or get through?

The truth is when you dismiss, forget, disown or hide elements of yourself it disconnects you from the potent power source of your Soul. 

Sister, it’s time to reclaim your power.

To free your voice, own your value, birth your vision and stand in your visibility.

Own all of who you are and embody your sovereign leadership in your life, relationships, & business.

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Joni Advent Maher, MSW

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What lies beyond I’m not enough?

Hello Love, I have a story for you.   Just imagine you’re on a journey through the woods. While there are many paths, you choose a well-worn one that leads to a clearing and then abruptly stops. You stand staring at a wall with a bolted gate.   The sign on...

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5 Steps to Melt your Frozen Fear  

Do you ever feel frozen by self-doubt or insecurity? Unable to progress even though all you want to do is move forward? I’m having one of those days. I’ve been trying to complete a project with my inner critic harping on me. It’s kept me stuck! It’s taking me a day...

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Recognize the Gift

When I listen to my sacred feminine soul today she whispers relax. Be easy with yourself. Receive the exquisite beauty of the green moss at your feet and the snow melting on the branch. She slows me down when I get ahead of myself and opens me to the invisible threads...

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The Journey of Self Love

Did you know that February is Self Love Month?   Such an audacious concept if you were raised to be self-less and put everyone else first.   Or were taught you were worth-less.  Not as deserving of love, kindness or respect because you’re the wrong gender,...

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Sensual Pleasure: Our Sacred Feminine Legacy

Hi Love, So we’re one month into the New Year, what have you been pursuing in 2016? I was lying on my dear friend’s massage table yesterday receiving the most exquisite facial. It was a gift to spend time with a soul sister and receive her caring, gentle touch. I felt...

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There’s No Comparison

Hello Love,   Do you ever have those moments when you don’t feel quite put together or that you’ll ever reach your dream only to look over to see a sister soaring with success? It can be hard to appreciate the butterfly when you feel like you’re still crawling on...

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Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype with Joni

“Joni‘s attention and presence,  clarity and willingness to be real and her spiritual grounding gave me the support I needed to break through fear and begin the work of transforming my life.”  –Beth H.

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