Standing In Your Sovereignty

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Welcome Wise One,

Are you ready to claim your inspired, feminine leadership?

Deep down have you always known you had wisdom to share but somewhere along the way you forgot you had value and power?

Was your unique way of Being misunderstood or devalued?

Have you hid or disowned key parts of yourself to fit in or get through?

The truth is when you dismiss, forget, disown or hide elements of yourself it disconnects you from the potent power source of your Soul. 

Sister, it’s time to reclaim your power.

To free your voice, own your value, birth your vision and stand in your visibility.

Own all of who you are and embody your sovereign leadership in your life, relationships, & business.

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Sanctuary in the Storm

Hello My Dear, Are you having a full summer? Is life being kind to you? I’m at the start of two weeks away. A much needed trip to my favorite beach.   To be honest my summer has been plagued with uncertainty and Olympic levels of stress. One by one the pillars of...

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At the end of the day, what really matters to you?

My daughter and I are spending the week out of state with my aging parents.  It was an unplanned trip spurred by a sobering diagnosis my mother just received. I’m here arranging care and ongoing supports and being reminded of what really matters. I’m watching my...

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Are you managing the caregiving crunch?

Dear Sister, Are you in the midst of the sandwich generation crunch? Feeling the demands of caring for parents as well as your own children. Or feeling pulled between career demands and family’s needs.  Sometimes our care and commitments to others draws heavily on us....

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Healing the Disempowered Feminine

I co-wrote this article with my soul sister and colleague Bland Tyree.   We all have patterns or issues that keep surfacing despite our best efforts to transform them.  They are often most noticeable during times of stress, transition, or when we want to step out...

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What I know today

"I know I can let go of past hurts. I know I can ride the wave of my emotions to a place called home - where my Truth is embraced and cherished - where my shadow is given a place at the table - where all of my parts and pieces may come together, integrate and be...

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Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype with Joni

“Joni‘s attention and presence,  clarity and willingness to be real and her spiritual grounding gave me the support I needed to break through fear and begin the work of transforming my life.”  –Beth H.

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