joniprofile1My mission is supporting women in their own rebirth – of their heart, their lives – ultimately their essential self.


As women we are under so much pressure to put others needs ahead of our own, to please others, to fit in or keep the peace so it is indeed a revolutionary act to put ourselves, our needs, and our dreams first in our own lives.


If you’re ready to walk that path I am honored to stand by your side, and guide you in awakening your deep Feminine Self, hearing Her truth, dissolving the obstacles, and midwifing you into the Life you came here to live – the one that expresses your vibrant, gorgeous inner You.


I love working with smart, perceptive, creative women who know deep within they were born to thrive, to SOAR, to share their brilliant, beautiful light with the world! I guide you to look inside and listen to the yearning of your heart and the urgings of your soul.

My passion and experience is in supporting women like you and women you know, who are ready to break free and break through in their lives and work. Women who are done waiting for permission to live their dreams, share their truth and embody their big, bold beautiful selves. Women who know life is too short and have waited long enough. Women who are courageous and daring and sometimes forget that about themselves.  We get pulled back into the old fear that brings self-doubt, or shame, or the impulse to stay small.


Many of us are seeking support to remember.


Revolutionary Heart was born out of a long line of my own personal rebirths and rememberings, nestled with my lifetime of training and working as a therapist and spiritual teacher. With the support of guides, teachers and mentors along the way I climbed out of a long line of boxes in my quest to discover and embody my own glorious true self, my real value, and my place in the family of life. I am truly and deeply committed to changing the world one heart and soul at a time.


Revolutionary Heart weds a lifetime of gathered gifts, skills, tools, and gems from each dimension of my rebirthed selves all infused with the essence of my clear, wise, compassionate, loving powerhouse of a Sacred Feminine Self. And She is on a mission to wake up her sisters and midwife their birth into this world! To activate and initiate the Sacred Feminine selves of those women who are ready.  I invite you to put it all on the line, take the BIG leap and SOAR!


My Journey


My quest began as an earnest and deeply sensitive young girl surrounded by physical and emotional suffering, which sparked the first of many awakenings and initiated my steady ascent out of the darkness of perfectionism, self loathing, and destruction.


For more than 25 years I have continued to rebirth myself – each time recognizing and reclaiming more of myself, my worth, my voice, my place in the world.  While always guided by the urging of my soul, my deep inner knowing and a willingness to put it all on the line despite other’s opinions or lack of understanding, I simultaneously felt a commitment to bring change and healing to the world.


During this time I found a partner who shared my passion for life, being of service and walking toward the Divine. Together we created a satisfying, full and beautiful life. Eleven years later I had a deep soul yearning to become a mother.  One year later my daughter’s birth initiated me into motherhood as she became my teacher, inspiration and heart’s delight. Motherhood became a powerful and humbling catalyst – awakening a deep passion to reclaim the dignity, respect and honoring of the Sacred Feminine and Her reflection in all the girls and women on the planet.


Nine years later the birth of my own Sacred Feminine Self became the creatrix, impetus and power behind Revolutionary Heart.  With Her exquisite guidance and unfailing support I stepped out to put it all on the line yet again and take that leap. You know the one – your heart and soul sing like a caged bird set free as you feel a rush of Grace that enables you to SOAR.


My joy is to support women ready to claim their birthright, live their truth, and boldly create a life that expresses who they genuinely are.



I will bring:


  • My perceptive eye for the big picture to help you identify where you are in your journey

  • A keen understanding of what it takes to transform and claim the life you were born to live

  • An ability to mirror the beauty, talents and abilities within you

  • My collection of the best tools and practices I’ve gathered over my decades of experience and training to help you dissolve and shift internal and external obstacles to your own rebirth

  • My skill as a translator for the inner wisdom your soul is working to express to you

  • An ability to guide you in opening to and hearing more clearly your own inner wisdom

  • My deep love and compassion

  • My unfailing commitment to your success

  • My rock solid faith in your Sacred Nature, the process of rebirth you are experiencing and the cosmic matrix of Grace holding you


I would be deeply honored if you joined me in this grand adventure. 

There is none more worthy of your time.


Is your soul urging you to join me on this adventure?  To:


  • Become an inner explorer of your own depths and birth that beautiful YOU

  • Listen with exquisite care to the murmurings of the Self

  • Honor the Feminine

  • Cherish this potent, wise, and beautiful aspect of ourselves


Know that deep within is the vast expanse of the entire cosmos expressing as YOU. I dare you to look inside and see what beauty and magnificence there is to behold. Experience how your blossoming has a ripple effect – providing gifts to loved ones, community, and yes – the world.


In Anticipation,


Contact me HERE.

It is Joni’s authentic spirit; honesty, and enthusiasm that has compelled me to join her groups time after time. Working with Joni has inspired me to achieve higher goals, because she encouraged me to reach out past my boundaries. She has the keen ability to connect with her students and the intuition for knowing what each individual needs to enrich their life.

H. Ashton


Joni is a trusted advisor and a highly skilled coach.  She has tremendous insight into what is at the heart of the matter which has helped me identify and clear obstacles I created in my life. Joni has been invaluable in my success personally and professionally by helping me be more self-aware and at pivotal times in my journey over the years. Joni’s own journey of constant learning and evolving both personally and professionally has also been a wonderful asset.


Virginia P.

A Revolutionary Heart


She had a revolutionary heart

It told her she was Sacred

We are Sacred

She had a revolutionary heart

With a steady beat that whispered

there is so much more than this

She had a revolutionary heart

pierced by the pain of suffering

and still committed to joy

She had a revolutionary heart

Dedicated to dissolving the hard, protective outer shell

knowing the tender Truth within will sprout new Life.


–Joni Advent Maher

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